How Whispering Helped My Stutter

There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones who very frequently have a sore throat and the ones who don’t. I belong to the latter. Today is the 7th of March, 2020, and almost a month ago I turned 30. And in these thirty years of existence I’ve had a sore throat less than five times, and normally within one day my voice recovered completely. My brother is the exact opposite.

Almost one year ago, in May 2019 (April was when my Success Story was published on SAA) I went on a short trip with my girlfriend to a small village located in the lovely province of Soria (Spain). At that time I was having the worst sore throat I’ve ever had. It lasted a full month. Thirty days without being able to speak! Imagine that! Luckily, my girlfriend can read lips. So what I did is whisper to her, and sometimes I even mouthed my words. And when I had to speak other people I whispered or used a very soft voice. So, regarding my speech, I never found it easier to speak fluently than when I had that horrible sore throat.

I remember another time when I took my girlfriend to the cinema and right before the movie started when the advertisements were running, I wanted to say something to her and so I whispered in her ear (I was in the middle of self-curing my stuttering). I realized then that I didn’t stutter!! And it was so easy! So I kept on whispering things in her ear until she told me to shut up because the movie had already begun. Ugh!

In both cases, when I whispered I spoke fluently. Why? Because I was concentrating on: 1) speaking as softly as possible so that it didn’t hurt my larynx, or 2) I didn’t want to disturb the rest of the people watching the film. In other words, I was concentrating on something other than my words. That’s the secret of The Lovett Method.  And we all know how to whisper or speak softly. Give it a try!

*As an amusing side note, doing precisely the exact opposite, speaking LOUDER, also works – for the same reasons, which is changing your focus. But I must warn you not to try this in a crowded cinema!   

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