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Stuttering Therapy


  • Our team of Certified Stuttering Therapists (CSTs) are EX-stutterers who stopped stuttering using the Neuroscience Method to Stop Stuttering™.
  • CSTs are NOT licensed Speech Language Pathologists, but trained exclusively in the treatment of stuttering.
  • Our team of CSTs has provided 10,000 hours of stuttering therapy over a ten-year period, resulting in hundreds of verified & published stopped stuttering testimonials.
  • CSTs must complete a rigorous 2-month training program, then pass a comprehensive examination to become certified in The Neuroscience Method to Stop Stuttering™.
  • Stuttering Therapists teach you the tools, techniques, & principles you must learn and practice to stop stuttering & become fluent.

Meet Your Stuttering Therapists

What Is Stuttering Therapy?

We define "Stuttering-Therapy", or simply "Therapy", as helping people speak better; it includes overcoming stuttering tendencies to public speaking techniques and expands into teaching oneself to love to speak in all situations and to use various methods of mind-training to elevate one’s life.

Certified Stuttering Therapists

Our Certified Stuttering Therapists (CSTs) are Ex-stutterers who achieved fluency using The Neuroscience Method to Stop Stuttering™. Therapists must also complete an extensive training program, guided by existing CSTs, and pass a rigorous examination prior to receiving certification. Unlike speech therapists, who treat many speech problems, our CSTs are trained exclusively to treat stuttering disorders in all forms.

Languages and Time Zones

Our Therapists live all over the world and speak a variety of languages.

Therapy Based Upon The Neuroscience Method to Stop Stuttering™

Stuttering therapy is based upon The Neuroscience Method to Stop Stuttering™, a proven method which has enabled hundreds of stutterers to stop stuttering. Our Method is based upon three key principles: 1. Practicing tools and techniques to avoid all bad stuttering incidents; 2. Reading aloud; and, 3. Mind-training or re-wiring the mind for fluency.

Face-to-Face Video Instruction

All our Therapy sessions are done live over video chat and are followed with detailed reports to each student to enhance their learning process further.

To maximize your chances of having private Stuttering Therapy by a WSSA Certified Stuttering Therapist, join now, as Therapy is made available on a first-come, first-served basis. (Read more)

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