We May Not Cure Stuttering, But We…
Stop Stuttering

Join the only community where people who stutter
(PWS) learn fluency from EX-stutterers.


We May Not Cure Stuttering, But We…
Love Speaking

Beat fear, gain confidence, and learn to love
to speak in all situations.


We May Not Cure Stuttering, But We…
Elevate Lives

The Neuroscience Method to Stop Stuttering™ teaches you to
replace negative with positive thoughts and elevate your life.


We May Not Cure Stuttering, But We...

Stop Stuttering,

Love Speaking &

Convert Stuttering

into a Blessing


The world's only AI robot that answers questions
about stuttering. Learn how to stop stuttering
forever with our proven Neuroscience Method™.

World Stop Stuttering Association is a non-profit community that is revolutionizing the stuttering world because we do not accept it.
We stop it!


Every picture is of a stutterer who stopped stuttering using The Neuroscience Method™.

Hundreds of published stopped stuttering stories.

The Neuroscience Method™

The Neuroscience Method™, also known as The Neuroscience Method to Stop Stuttering™, was created by Lee Lovett, an ex-stutterer who authored seven ground-breaking stuttering books, enabling hundreds of stutterers to achieve fluency. Our methods are built upon three pillars.

Three Pillars to Stop Stuttering

Hear Yourself

Read aloud with passion, talk in your stutter-free zones as much as possible, and play recordings of yourself doing daily affirmations.


Stop Stuttering

Master our proven methods and strategies called “Crutches” and “Speech Plans” to stop stuttering incidents before they occur.


Re-train Your

Daily mind-training treatments to dictate your thoughts (neuroplasticity) -- a lifetime program to attack speech and non-speech issues.

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You Can Do This Program Anonymously

Without Making Your Stuttering Publicly Known

Our Program Ensures Your Success


Stop Stuttering MasterClass

  • Part I – Beat stuttering with these comprehensive lessons
  • Part II – Stop stuttering incidents with our proven tools & techniques
  • Parents of Stutterers learn to help their children reach fluency.

Class includes Coach Lee’s ground-breaking book, “How To Stop Stuttering and Love Speaking”

Beat Fear MasterClass

  • Beat the fear of speaking in public after you have stopped stuttering.
  • Learn the mind training and speaking techniques to make you a relaxed and fearless communicator anytime and anywhere.

Class includes Coach Lee’s ground-breaking book, “Speech Anxiety to Public Speaking.”


Video Library

  • Watch thousands of exclusive videos, including private coach videos, stuttering & speech tips, and speech club meetings
  • Search by stuttering and speech interests, age, and gender.
  • Play and replay videos to ensure you have mastered all elements of fluency.

For full access to the MasterClass series, video library, speech club, practice sessions, and more.

Speech Club

  • Find support with stutterers and ex-stutterers who meet, hang out, and share tools and methods used in their journey to fluency.
  • Our weekly Speech Club meetings will lift your spirits and elevate your speech.
speech club
crutch practice group

Group Practice Sessions

  • Practice stop-stuttering techniques and tools with stutterers on their way to fluency.

  • Daily practice sessions are available to fit your schedule.

Certified Speech Coaches

  • World’s only organization whose coaches are ex-stutterers and certified as experts in The Lovett Method.

  • You’ll become fluent because our coaches will show you how they became fluent.


Don’t Just Take Our word for it

Our growing community of
ex-stutterers speak for


I started stuttering as a child after my dad died - it was a nightmare. The Neuroscience Method showed me how to love speaking and get my life back.

EX-stutterer and WSSA coach

Over 80 million stutterers need our help today

World Stop Stuttering Association is a movement that is stopping stuttering around the world.  We provide our programs and services at a fraction of the cost of traditional and ineffective stuttering therapies. Any future excess of revenues above expenses shall be utilized to expand our aggressive global outreach further.  While currently offering some resources free of charge, with sufficient donations and funding, our ultimate goal is to provide all programs and services free of charge.

We hope you will join our movement to end stuttering for those suffering and donate today.

U.S. Residents, please make your tax-deductible donations to our 501c-3 Non-profit today!


Are You A Speech Professional?

Apply now to access our entire course and video library and our Stuttering and Speech books written by our founder Lee. G. Lovett, creator of The Neuroscience Method™, a groundbreaking approach to stop stuttering.


The Neuroscience Method™ to stop stuttering (aka "The Lovett Method") was developed by Lee G. Lovett, a long-retired attorney, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who, by age 30, won his battle with stuttering. “Coach Lee,” as his students call him, points stutterers down the roads that enabled him to stop stuttering and to live seamlessly in the fluent world, loving to speak in all situations, as he has now been doing for almost 50 years.

Stuttering and Speech Books to help you stop stuttering and love speaking

Coach Lee is the published author of seven stuttering books, including his most recent and popular, “Stop Stuttering – SHORT Course,” and his most important work, How to Stop Stuttering & Love Speaking.” Coach Lovett’s books are the foundation of The Neuroscience Method” (called “The Lovett Method” by some) and its revolutionary program.  To view and purchase any of Coach Lee's books, click below.

For full access to the MasterClass series, video library, speech club, practice sessions, and more.

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