Lee Lovett

Taught by Coach Lee Lovett



Beat Fear of Speaking in Public
Includes 12 video lessons

  • If you fear speaking to two or more people – it’s time to break the chains!
  • 12 videos walk students through the journey from fearing speaking in public to learning to love to speak in all situations.
  • This class is the next step for those who have stopped stuttering or never stuttered.
  • Based upon Coach Lee’s groundbreaking “Speech Anxiety To Public Speaking” book.
  • Coach Lee teaches the art and science of speaking to “groups,” whether few people at a party, or a thousand people in an auditorium.
  • Eliminate all fear of speaking in public and learn to Speak Like a King!
  • Recommended class pace is one weekly lesson. This will enable the student to retain, practice, and master the concepts before moving to the next lesson.
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