Lee Lovett

Taught by Coach Lee Lovett



Parents of stutterers provides parents with the tools to help their children reach fluency

  • If your child stutters – this class will change your life, and his/hers too.
  • Schools tend to be massive incubators of stuttering. This class shows parents how to breakthrough school misinformation and prevent school time from reinforcing stuttering.
  • Class includes 3 power-packed lessons, taught by Lee Lovett, an ex-stutterer, author, and renowned stuttering coach.
  • Parents should take the lesson that matches their child’s age (3-7, 8-12, or 13-17).
  • Parents of stuttering children will understand the disorder and how The Lovett Method can stop a child from stuttering.
  • Parents learn simple and proven techniques to help their children stop stuttering, love speaking, and re-train their minds to hear fluency.
  • It is highly recommended that parents review those lessons from the adult classes that are most applicable to their child. 
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