Top Ten Reasons Our Program Stops Stuttering

WSSA is re-writing stuttering history, giving people who stutter (PWS) the option to stop stuttering and live seamlessly in the fluent world.

It is the world's ONLY program that:

  1. Is taught by EX-stutterers
  2. Stops stuttering and leads to loving to speak.
  3. Hundreds of text and video PROOFS that it works.
  4. Methods proven to work from ages 5 to 88.
  5. 5 books* explaining and backing up its proofs and methods.
  6. 2,000+ coaching videos demonstrating its methods.
  7. 50 Master Class videos and over 300 Greatest TIPS videos to beat stuttering.
  8. Daily Group Practice Sessions.
  9. Weekly speech club/hangout (SAM).
  10. Private coaching by EX-stutterers (with access to a full community of EX- stutterers).

World Stop Stuttering Association is an IRS-approved charity and is incrediblty inexpensive. 

*“How to Stop Stuttering & Love Speaking”; “Stop Stuttering SHORT Course; “Stuttering Stories with Happy Endings: 101 Real Life Stories”; “Speech Anxiety to Public Speaking”; and “WORDS You Need to Know”.

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