(Guesstimated at 30-60% of PWS)

You can do WSSA’s entire program and remain 100% anonymous!  Although you must use your real name and credit card to join, after that, you can use a pseudonym for your first name, never give your last name, and not even show your face – at SAM Meetings, during Coaching Sessions, or anywhere else.  When you stop stuttering and achieve PWSS status (person who stopped stuttering), you can also record your success anonymously.  From start to finish, you need never disclose your identity to take advantage of all parts of WSSA’s program.

If you wish to avoid making your stuttering known, WSSA offers the world’s ONLY Beat Stuttering ANONYMOUSLY Program.

It takes most PWS 2-3 months to stop appearing to have a stuttering-disability.  It takes considerably longer to stop all fears of stuttering, but fear is not stuttering, and stuttering will die slowly, when not constantly fed by embarrassing stuttering-incidents.  Every PWS is unique and some of our methods will be more helpful than others.  Some of our methods, however, are necessary for all – such as daily mind-training and mastery of Crutches 1-8 and a simple Speech Plan.

This program has three goals:  (1) Stop stuttering; (2) learn to LOVE to speak in all situations; and (3) attack non-speech mental issues and elevate one’s life, converting stuttering into a blessing.

You can remain anonymous as you learn our methods.  To learn how to do this WITHOUT publicly disclosing your stuttering, do as set forth below.  Some may NOT need to do all that is suggested below to beat it, but the more that you do, the faster you will eliminate the problem.

1.  Join WSSA.

2.  Read Lee’s “Stop Stuttering SHORT Course” (86 pages)

3. Then, read Lee’s “How to Stop Stuttering & Love Speaking”.  (Hardcover version is 392 pages.)

4.  As you read these books, try to do what the books suggest.  You can post questions in WSSA’s Forum and/or write or ask them at SAM Meetings (item (7) below) and/or ask your own Certified Speech Coach (item (9) below).  Here are the first five steps:

(a) Memorize and practice daily the Crutches and a Speech Plan.  If you fail to master Crutches 1-8 and a simple Speech Plan, you will not likely stop stuttering permanently.  Once you do master both, your fears will begin to die slowly, and, in time, you will NOT need either Crutches or a Speech Plan.

(b) Attend some of WSSA’s Practice Sessions (without disclosing your identity, using a pseudonym, if desired).

(c) Read aloud daily, as suggested in Lee’s books.  This will expedite fluency and will be an absolute condition precedent to fluency for some.

(d) Give yourself 2 daily Mind-Training Treatments (MTT’s) as explained in Lee’s books.  Some must do this to stop stuttering and/or to learn to love to speak and/or to handle non-speech issues and thus elevate one’s life.

(e) Make recordings of some of your MTT’s and play them, as suggested in Lee’s books.

5.  As you read “How to Stop…”, watch all of the 50 or so video-Master Classes on WSSA’s website.

6.  After you finish 1-4 above, watch as many of WSSA’s 2,000+ Coaching Videos (much like private lessons for you) as you can.

7. Every Saturday, attend WSSA’s SAM Meeting (its speech and social club) and you can do so WITHOUT disclosing your identity, speaking or even showing your face.  You can log-in under a pseudonym.  At SAM, you NEVER need to disclose your identity OR even to speak.  You may write Chats or simply listen.  You will learn a great deal, because you can observe dozens of PWS in all stages of beating it; you will hear them describe how they beat it in live time.

8) Watch/listen to as many of WSSA’s several hundred 1-5 minute Greatest TIPS Videos.

9)  IF needed, buy some Coaching Sessions.  At your request, your sessions will NOT be recorded, steamed or shown to anyone else.  You can be coached under a pseudonym, at your request.

10) WSSA is the world’s ONLY community of EX-stutterers (and those fast-becoming ex-stutterers), and that really says it all.  Nowhere else can you find, much less meet, hear/watch and talk to EX-stutterers.  WSSA offers this to you via endless Videos, weekly SAM Meetings, almost daily Practice Sessions, Forums, Blogs, regular emails from same, and private coaching.

No other program has ever (or now can) offered a team of EX-stutterers to explain how they beat it and remain fluent.  ONLY WSSA OFFERS A COMMUNITY OF EX-STUTTERERS. Take advantage of it; remain as anonymous as you wish, and BEAT stuttering and even learn to LOVE to speak in ALL situations.

The Neuroscience Method of stopping stuttering was created by Lee and is being expanded and improved every day by the charity, WSSA.  You will only find the original Neuroscience Method of Stopping Stuttereing at WSSA and in Lee’s books.  Get on the front of the curve.  Stuttering is going to be kicked off the planet.  Join the fun – and elevate your life and do so at virtually no cost to you.

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