The Unspoken Words

“Prathusha’s Pandora”

The unspoken words – She is not just a girl but a masterpiece.

She doesn’t open up very often – one can see from the way she scurries away from people and creates a distance between herself and everyone around.

She knows that she has better ideas and has so much to offer, so much to express.

She’s not an introvert, but that’s how the world depicts her.

She has trillions of galaxies of thoughts, millions of tangled up worlds of words and you can see it in her enervating eyes.

She has a voice and it is beautiful, but when she meets a stranger she keeps rushing the words out of anxiety, which frequently encounters an encumbrance resulting in embarrassment.

She always wants to be Ms. Perfect which makes her too conscious of her ambiance.

She mostly lives in her mind rather than in reality.

Life never went easy on her and she didn’t go easy on herself, either.

She kept pondering over the bad stutter incidences over and over and again and again, mulling it until it blended with blood and bones, too wide, too deep.

She may not be strong, but she is resilient.

After crying the night away and faking a morning smile, she wakes up every day with hope to a new beginning.

She knows how it feels to be under-appreciated when she has more to say and more to give, yet the words turn into ashes in her mouth and dies in her throat, making her debilitated and incapacitated.

Every time life knocks her down she rises like a phoenix from the ashes.

So, if you can’t see the beauty in her quirks masquerading her intelligence, if you don’t think that she might be a little piece of magic, then don’t you dare criticize her because she is not just a girl, she’s a masterpiece.

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