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Three Characteristics Every PWS Needs To Stop Stuttering

Patience When a PWS is introduced to The Lovett Method, they become aware that they must read aloud every day, do Auto Suggestions 2x daily and practice crutches and apply them every time they speak. This whole thing is a new pattern of habits which suddenly becomes your daily routine. It is going to challenging […]


Beat Stress, Anxiety and Pressure with ASTs and Crutches!

Anxiety and stress are the responses that your body has created for you as a defence mechanism. For example, when a person sees a lion in front of him, he begins to sweat and experience shallow breathing because of physical body response to a danger. Similarly, when a PWS (Person Who Stutters) is given an […]


Consistency: The Key to Habit-Formation and Speech Fluency

Formation of a habit is initially triggered by a goal. The more you are focused on a goal, the more quickly you will strive to form the habit.   Consistent repetition of the elements of the desired habit will expedite and re-enforce it.  Strong, consistent habits can overcome stuttering and convert stuttering into a blessing. I […]


Relaxation Methods, Auto Suggestions and Self-Hypnosis To Combat Stuttering, Speech Anxieties and More

“Prathusha’s Pandora” – Auto Suggestions vs. Self-Hypnosis Self-Hypnosis (SH) and Auto Suggestion Treatments (ASTs) help to modify our behavior, emotions, habits and attitudes. They also help us to increase confidence and develop new skills. In fact, it is scientifically proven that these mind training techniques will mitigate stress and anxiety. One of our brilliant coaches, […]


Stop Accepting Your Stutter and Start Improving

“Prathusha’s Pandora” – Is acceptance of stuttering bad? Absolutely not because accepting that you have a stutter takes a lot of courage. Then which aspect of acceptance is wrong? Accepting that stuttering is a way of life is WRONG. Am I confusing? okay, let me walk you through my understanding. STUTTERING IS NOT A WAY […]


Using Auto Suggestion Treatments To Improve On More Than Just Your Speech

“Prathusha’s Pandora” – Your brain is built to reinforce and regulate your life. Your subconscious has something called “Homeostatic impulse” which regulates functions like heartbeat and breathing. This homeostatic impulse is very important in maintaining the balance in your physical system. Likewise it does have an important part to play in your mental system, as […]


The Importance of “Mind Training” to Improve Your Speech and More…

“Prathusha’s Pandora” – The human brain is the most intricate organ of the human system. It produces our thoughts, actions, memories, feelings and experiences of the world. It grows with what you feed the most, if you feed the negativity it grows to become a negative mind but if you feed it with positivity then […]


As a Coach I help Stutterers and, in turn, they help me

“Prathusha’s Pandora” – “What is your name?” they asked.  The girl quivered with fear, and anxiety was devouring her within. They thought that she forgot her own name because of the hesitation shown. Then she went on “Pa-Pa-Pa- Prathusha. Yes, That’s me!” Remembering the time when I was a PWS had always been a painful […]


Defining FEAR of Speech and Beyond

“Prathusha’s Pandora” – “Can a man be brave if he is afraid? THAT IS THE ONLY TIME A MAN CAN BE BRAVE…..”                                                George R.R. Martin, American novelist Do you fear? Fear of heights, fear of death, fear of being alone, fear of stutter and other types of fear ….. Everyone in this world fears something. […]

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