The Importance of “Mind Training” to Improve Your Speech and More…

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The human brain is the most intricate organ of the human system. It produces our thoughts, actions, memories, feelings and experiences of the world. It grows with what you feed the most, if you feed the negativity it grows to become a negative mind but if you feed it with positivity then it becomes positive. We often let our mind to take charge of our whole thought processes and actions but by training our minds we can become the BOSS of it.

A Successful person will always visualize himself/herself as a success. For example, Jim Carrey in his budding stage of acting always carried a check of 10 million dollars in his wallet for daily inspiration. In 1994 after his role in dumb and dumber he earned the actual 10 million dollars.

Have you ever realized that when you try to stop thinking of a specific topic that’s when your mind thinks of it the most? In such situations instead of restricting those negative thoughts we can encounter them with positive affirmations. This is called AIKIDO, which is a Japanese term meaning “the way of harmonizing the energy of the opponent to your advantage”, so here we are harmonizing the negative stutter thoughts with positive affirmation.

A PWS often stutters when he tries to be Mr. Perfect, he forms a sentence in his mind and tries to use the same words. On the other hand, a PWSS thinks about the idea and tries to express the ideas. When I met Lee on March 2016, he told me one thing that changed my life!! He asked me to stay away from angry people. The moment I got away from angry and abusive people, my life got much better and from there on I always surrounded myself with positive and like-minded people. This had a huge impact on speech and it helped me improve. Clifton, another Certified Coach, once said that when you say -“you can” even when you are nervous and anxious, you will be able to do the task because while your mind is suffering from the past fear-memories you are encountering those fears with positive affirmations. So when you say “I can” or “I can do it”, in the end you will be able to do it.

Lee actually uses a more sophisticated way of training our minds: Auto-suggestions (AST), which we do twice a day, and Self-hypnosis (SH) are the most obvious ways. Apart from that the book also accentuates “ALL forms of repetition of fluent thoughts” and how we can actually envisage the same is a part of mind training. Not only this, mind training also includes hearing one’s own fluency which is done by reading aloud every day.

I had difficulty in saying my name. But after I started to say the affirmation “I LOVE TO SAY MY NAME, PRATHUSHA RAVI” and I expressed it with emotions and feelings, in a few weeks I actually loved to say my name and I no longer stuttered when saying it. Lee often says that a negative thought cannot enter a mind that is already filled with positive thoughts. A fear-free memory bank will lead you to the road of fluency. AST not only improves our speech, but it helps us to squash everything that bothers us like depression, boredom, anger, jealousy, hatred, insomnia and so on. This is the final link that enables us to see stuttering as a blessing!

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