As a Coach I help Stutterers and, in turn, they help me

“Prathusha’s Pandora” –

“What is your name?” they asked.  The girl quivered with fear, and anxiety was devouring her within. They thought that she forgot her own name because of the hesitation shown. Then she went on “Pa-Pa-Pa- Prathusha. Yes, That’s me!”

Remembering the time when I was a PWS had always been a painful memory.  It unleashes the bullying, humiliation and frustration that I had had experienced in the past. The best way to control the Satan stuttering is by accepting that you are a stutterer and seeking help.

I sought help from Lee in 2016 and it changed my life forever. The crutches bridged the gap between fluency and myself making my speech so smooth without any encumbrance. I never thought that I would become conversant or disown the fear of speaking but in the end I did! Not only did I speak fluently but grabbed the mike and hosted an event in my former workplace in 2017.

When Lee gave me an opportunity to coach, initially I was skeptical and doubted my potential but when I started to coach my first PWS who stuttered on almost 90% of the words, I understood the challenge that I was taking up. First, I knew it was a mammoth task. Second, I was so determined to make him a PWSS and we worked for almost 2 months intensely drilling on all the crutches and working simultaneously on ASTs. Guess what’s next? My fellow PWS wouldn’t stop talking. Extreme pronunciation and voice modulation was his favorite and eventually he posted a Success Story!

Now that I’m a PWSS, I want to give back what I learned from Lee.  This coaching journey has really been amazing as I also learn from every PWS that I coach. Coaching is the new learning!

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