To stop stuttering shift your focus from a blue elephant to a red elephant!

What is the one thing that comes to your mind when you stand in front of a group of people? A normal person’s answer would be stage fright or anxiety due to public speaking. But a PWS’s answer is always the same, “What if I stutter?” due to which anxiety kicks in. If only a PWS is free from the Satan stuttering, they would be brave enough to give any speech, anywhere, anytime. The only thing that blocks from speaking is the “Stutter”. So, in this blog let’s see how to tackle stuttering with the help of The Lovett Method, which is the only method that focuses on neuroplasticity and holistic development.

When I ask you not to think about a blue elephant, you will obviously think about it right? So, let’s consider the blue elephant to be “stuttering”. So, whenever you have to address a group of people or any other uncomfortable speaking situation, naturally you will focus too much on not letting the stutter out so that you don’t appear speech disabled. But, you don’t want the blue elephant to pop up, and that’s exactly when your mind traces back to all the stuttering incidents that took place in your past. The harder you want to hide it, the more it shows up in your speech.

How do we deal with this? Is it possible to simply forget this giant blue elephant? Impossible right? So, the best solution to not think of this blue elephant is by focusing on a red elephant!

Red elephants are the crutches. Whenever you feel uncomfortable while speaking, it means that you are beginning to map your current speaking situation to the past stuttering experiences. Therefore, you should immediately apply a crutch. Crutches are fluency enablers. It helps you to express yourself much better. The moment you focus on the red elephant, the blue elephant will disappear. Hence, you won’t stutter.

Let me give you another example. When a person skies, they always focus on the gaps instead of the trees. The moment they start focusing on the trees, they will hit one and crash. Similarly, if we focus on stuttering, we stutter. But if we focus on crutches, we become fluent.

Stuttering is mainly caused from word planning and crutches are the best way to break this habit. This has been proven over and over again.

Coach Lee says that it is always good to focus on the solutions instead of the problems. I hope this blog helps in understanding the importance of focusing on the solution, which is using crutches to convert a potential stutter into a fluency memory.

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