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Don’t Wait For A Feared Word To Appear Before Using The Crutches

While many of our students seem able to learn our multiple methods of avoiding bad incidents (appearing disabled), some struggle.  This blog discusses some of my latest coaching sessions with several PWS and why they are not improving as quickly as they should, so that if you, the reader, are making these mistakes too, you […]


Stuttering Can Be Stopped

Fluency vs. Disfluency Almost 100% of stutterers are fluent when they are alone. Why is that? It’s precisely because we are alone. As you all know, stutterers care (worry) too much about other people’s opinions about ourselves and the way we speak. But when we’re alone, those fears and worries vanish. Therefore, we’re fluent. When […]


Speech Coaching: A Team Effort

The reason for this Blog is to share with the reader what the WSSA Certified Speech Coaches (CSC) do once we finish our sessions and so that you, the coached PWS/PWSS, understand that you are actually being coached by more than one person. In fact, in a way you are being coached by the whole […]


How To Become Your Own Speech Coach

All the contents available here at World Stop Stuttering Association, including Lee Lovett’s “Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures”, are designed to help you stop stuttering and not need the help of the coaches. The vast video library of coaching sessions should be extremely helpful, as the advice the coach gives to a certain PWS might also […]


My Three Most Important Affirmations

As we should all know by now, Auto-Suggestion and Self-Hypnosis are a very important part of the self-cure process of our speech impediments, and of course, can also help us deal with many other problems. As Alex Korb, PhD in Neuroscience, said, in order to stop stuttering “we need to create a new habit, and […]


Conquering Fear After You Stop Stuttering

The reason for writing this is that since World Stop Stuttering Association was born, the number of Success Stories has rocketed. This means that more and more people are defeating stuttering. But as most of us PWSS know, unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that we have stopped having stutter fears and stutter threats. That’s our next […]


Can a PWS Learn to Speak Fluently Like Everyone Else?

That was what one of the PWS (People Who Stutter) I coach asked me last week. This question surprised me at first, but then I replied to him with another question: “You mean, to speak like Lee Lovett or the rest of the coaches? Without bad incidents? Of course you can!”. Before I go any […]


Fluent Speech In The Workplace

Hi everyone! Those who I have coached or those who have read my Success Story ( will know that I work as a real estate agent. I created my own company more or less at the same time I became a PWSS. Before that, I worked for around 6 years in an import/export company as […]


Using The Crutches To Overcome “Incurable” Stuttering

The Crutches are not difficult.  What is difficult is being a Speech Cop. It took me some time to realize that I first had to stop forcing my words. I had to shut my mouth as soon as I felt tension in my face and/or realized I was trying to force my words. I desired […]


How Whispering Helped My Stutter

There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones who very frequently have a sore throat and the ones who don’t. I belong to the latter. Today is the 7th of March, 2020, and almost a month ago I turned 30. And in these thirty years of existence I’ve had a sore throat […]

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