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Hi everyone! Those who I have coached or those who have read my Success Story (https://speechanxietyanonymous.org/pwss/javier-madrid-spain/) will know that I work as a real estate agent. I created my own company more or less at the same time I became a PWSS. Before that, I worked for around 6 years in an import/export company as a salesman. And as a seller, I spent most of my time speaking with clients and suppliers, visiting them, making and receiving phone calls, etc. I can’t think of a less appropriate job for a stutterer…

After six years, I quit, due to personal reasons, nothing to do with my stuttering. Since my father has his own real estate agency, he offered me to teach me everything he knew about this sector. So I created my own company and started working as a real estate agent. Again… as a salesman.

But what’s the difference? That now I’m my own boss. Well, yes, but, the real difference is that I now know how to avoid stuttering, and now I enjoy speaking with my clients. And it seems that they also enjoy the time they spend with me.

How? What do I do whenever a client walks into my office? I welcome them with my best smile, showing them my sincere interest and being enthusiastic*, and then I ask them to take a seat. Regarding my speech, I speak a little bit slower (like a 5% slower, speaking like if I were trying to explain mathematics to a 5 year old child), making sure I articulate my words clearly, pausing every few words to let my clients process all the information that I give them, and modulating my voice to emphasize the key words. After that, I ask them questions and I make sure they understood everything.

I speak like this because it keeps me relaxed, but it also keeps my attention away from stutter fears, from word planning, and when I speak a little bit slower, using the Crutches becomes much easier. Linking words, using extreme pronunciation, skipping the first letter of a word, modulating, etc. is much easier if you speak just a little bit slower. And your listeners will appreciate it! They will understand you much better. You will be a better speaker, better than the rest. It’s a clear win-win. Give it a try!

You are right, this is basically what “Speaking like a King” is all about. This way of speaking is also highly recommendable in presentations or any other kind of public speaking. You must know that, sometimes, how you say things is as important (or more) than what you actually have to say. So start practicing it! Make it a habit, your usual way of speaking!

* If you haven’t read Frank Bettger’s “How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling” or Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends and Influence People“, I don’t know what you’re waiting for; I personally consider these two a must-read for everybody, without exceptions, especially the latter because Bettger’s book is aimed to people whose job is related to selling). So let’s turn a weakness into a strength by becoming great speakers! Join our Speechmasters Club and become one!

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