A Toast to Speech Fluency

Prathusha’s Pandora”

O’ little golden fish (PWS),

Thou think thou look so vulnerable in front of the mighty shark (Non-Stutterers),

Don’t fidget my tiny lads,

For remember, even Phoenix burns to emerge. 

Learn to face thy problems. If not now, then when? 

Alas, don’t fret.

It is thy imperfections that emanates beauty,

Thou art more than thou think thou art,

Never let despondency succumb thee,

For the future is bright with Lovett’s method,

Use it once and thou shall never fall back,

The power thou seek is within thee and that power is thee. 

Believe in thyself for thou shall deliver – A wonderful speech one day.

Thus, let’s propose a toast for that one day and make that day count!

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