The Destructive Power of Limiting Beliefs

I remember it like it was yesterday, sitting in a dingy, smelly room in my doctor’s surgery as a ten-year-old. A National Health Service Speech Therapist saying to me, “before we start Stuart, I must inform you that there is in fact, no cure for stammering” I remember my heart sinking and thinking, my word, I am going to have to deal with this for the rest of my life.

That swiftly followed by, “why on earth am I wasting my time with you then, when I could be outside playing with my friends instead”. Her silly exercises she made me do, seemed like a massive waste of time.

Imagine going into the hospital with a broken leg and being told that we can’t fix this, but we can do some exercises anyway?

I carried this belief with me for another 26 years and it held me back every single one of those years. You see, I gave that one person and her untrue sentence so much meaning, that instead of her helping me as she intended, it consigned me to stutter for the rest of my life. There is a cure for stuttering, you just need to do the work and you will find it. If someone (especially someone who has never stuttered themselves) tells you there is no cure, that just means they don’t believe there is a cure. That’s their belief, do not make it yours. If you do make it yours, it will become your reality.

The facts are I have cured myself of stuttering using The Lovett Method. I am happy to speak with anyone to validate what I am saying. Many people have cured themselves and posted success stories on our website. What amazes me are the people who have cured but can’t bring themselves to admit it! PWS need to believe there is a cure or there won’t be, and people who have stopped stuttering need to throw their hats over the wall and start believing in themselves and admit their progress.

Everything begins inside your mind and, with the correct mindset, the cure is yours to keep.

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