Unlocking the Power of Auto Suggestions: A Journey to Overcoming Speech Anxiety and Stuttering


Speech anxiety and stuttering can be formidable challenges, affecting not only communication but also one’s confidence and overall well-being. In the quest for overcoming these obstacles, individuals often explore various methods, and one such approach is the concept of “Your Daily ASTs,” with a focus on monotonous repetition (MR) and visualization.

Understanding the Core Technique: Monotonous Repetition (MR)

At the heart of this method is monotonous repetition (MR), a technique reminiscent of Émile Coué’s philosophy. Coué’s approach involves repetitive affirmations to the conscious mind, a process that extends even to the subconscious, especially during sleep. This technique is seen as a valuable tool for addressing speech anxiety and stuttering.

How to Perform Daily Auto Suggestion Treatments (ASTs)

The process involves finding a comfortable setting, whether in a chair, jogging, biking, or even on a bus. The key is to be relaxed, allowing for an overlap between auto-suggestions (AS) and simulated hypnotherapy (SHT). The author recommends ten AS, each repeated at least 20 times, making up a 20-minute treatment. These treatments are suggested before sleep, upon waking, and at least once during the day.

The Importance of Variety in Repetitions

While monotonous repetitions are emphasized, the author also encourages varied tones, volumes, and speeds during the awake hours. The idea is to engage the mind through different auditory stimuli, making the process more interesting and memorable.

Examples of auto-suggestions

Coué’s famous auto suggestion, modified for speech improvement, serves as a foundational affirmation. The author then provides ten speech-anxiety auto-suggestions, each focusing on fostering a positive relationship with speech. These affirmations are intended to be repeated 20 times, visualizing oneself speaking fluently in various situations.

Daily Auto Suggestion Treatments: A Second Method of Practicing Fluency

The author refers to these sessions as “Daily Auto Suggestion Treatments,” presenting them as a second method for practicing fluency when done aloud. The ten recommended auto-suggestions for speech anxiety sufferers aim to address specific concerns and fears related to speaking.

Basic Rules for Effective ASTs

The author establishes some fundamental rules for effective ASTs, suggesting a reclining chair, deep breaths, and a specific structure for each session. The mantra “Every day, in every way, my speech grows better and better” is recommended to start and end each session.

More Examples of Affirmations

To add variety to daily ASTs, the author provides an extensive list of affirmations addressing different aspects of speech improvement and overall well-being. From cultivating a love for speaking to converting anxiety into enthusiasm, these affirmations aim to reshape the mindset and approach towards communication.

Post-Cure Example: Auto Suggestions

Looking beyond stuttering, the author shares post-cure auto suggestions targeting broader aspects of personal growth and happiness. These suggestions encompass rejecting negativity, embracing positive emotions, and fostering a holistic sense of well-being.

Conclusion: Empowering Self-Discipline and Personal Growth

In conclusion, the journey to overcome speech anxiety and stuttering through daily ASTs is presented as a path of self-discipline and personal growth. The author’s experience and recommendations serve as a guide for individuals seeking to harness the power of auto-suggestions to reshape their relationship with speech and enhance their overall quality of life.

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