Robbie, Texas

Stuttering has always been a big part of my life.  You might say that it’s been the predominant thought of my life, until now.  I can remember when it took hold of me; I was six.  It always hurt the most in school, when I was asked to say something in class, my name or most anything.  It has haunted, but no more.

My name is Robbie. I am 20 and I live in Texas. I have played baseball all my life including two years at a Division I university. I have often had a lot of pressure both on and off the field regarding my speech. Whether it was talking to college coaches trying to recruit me or giving a simple presentation in class, my stutter was just about always on my mind.

I major in Physical Science, but, in the process of self-curing my stuttering (meaning that strangers don’t think I have a speech disability, although I still have some now manageable thoughts about it), I learned something very important:  I am in control of my thoughts, and this realization has changed my life.  I have become a better Christian, and I want to find a way to spend my life helping others, as I have been helped to cure my stuttering — by a charity.   I literally stumbled on Lee’s video on YouTube; it had no views, as I recall, but it reached out to me.  I listened to it and loved it; I got Lee’s book and devoured it; then I began Skyping with Lee.  That was a bunch of Skypes ago.  It changed my life, and I made a new friend, Lee.

I think back now to the 8th grade; every day, the teacher asked us to speak in class; some days, couldn’t do it at all, not even one word.  I got so frustrated; sometimes I asked others to give my answers; and I would put my head down and cry.  The teacher finally talked to me after class and said I wouldn’t have to say anything more in class.  This helped, but it made me sad too.  

After I read Lee’s book a months ago, I realized that I knew some of his methods and had tried them, but I didn’t know how to put them together and really use them.  Studying the book was a huge help, and Skyping with Lee finished the job.  I also read Lee’s Happiness book, which is also on Amazon., and it helped me a lot with life in general, and I have given his Happiness book to my girlfriend and to several other friends.  It offers a great path to Happiness.  

What’s the big deal here?  Well, I used to think about stuttering pretty much all of the time.  Now, I rarely think about it at all.  I have learned that I am in control of my thoughts, and I’ve learned some ways to direct my thoughts where I want them to be.  It has now been five months since I had a speech incident that made me appear to have a speech disability.  What cured me?  The emphasis on mind control and trying to be a better person and using Lee’s Crutches.  My favorite Crutches are #1 (skipping first letters or syllables) and 12 (smiling), but I’ve used most of them now and then.

All that I can say to any reader of my story is this:  You can beat it.  Lee, his books and Speech Anxiety Anonymous all want to help you. The great thing about Lee and his methods is that they constantly remind you that you are not supposed to be perfect, and just knowing that is huge is relevance to your progress.  Take advantage of this great, new charity.  You can create a new life yourself, as I have. I am not perfect and still have plenty of room for improvement, but I am no longer viewed as a person who stutters. This is my self-cure story.  Something like it could be yours.  Good luck

Robbie, Texas – July, 2017

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