Michael, Texas

I am thrilled to be able to say that Lee’s book led to my self-cure.  My name is Michael; I am 50, live in Texas, and work as a senior leader for major oil & gas company managing a large global team.  Although I have a successful career, it has been inhibited by stuttering. As a person who has stuttered since age 5, the book STUTTERING & ANXITEY SELF-CURES: WHAT 100+ PWS TAUGHT ME has provided the breakthrough I have been seeking my entire life.  The author, Lee Lovett, has self-cured his stutter and has helped many others do the same. In this book, Lee provides the proven steps, tools and resources to realize a life-changing self-cure.

I purchased this book in November 2017 and in less than 2 months I have reduced my stutter from 90% to less than 5%, to the point that I am no longer viewed as someone with a speech disability!  Although self-curing takes significant effort and commitment, I can now trump any stutter with a crutch, making my stutter effectively undetectable. Self-curing is raising the quality of my life exponentially!  

I became aware of my stutter in early childhood.  When I was four (4) years old, I fell off my bike, knocked out my front teeth, and adopted a slight lisp due to missing teeth.  I was sent to a school speech therapist who made me acutely aware of my speech and my lifelong stutter grew to become a significant impediment impacting my life every day.

Like many people who stutter (PWS), most every time I speak the wheels in my head spin trying figure out how say or avoid saying the word I already know I can’t say.  I have had many terrifying experiences with speaking that were truly humiliating, something only another PWS can fully appreciate. Despite my stutter, I have tried to not allow my speech challenges to be a barrier for achieving personal and professional goals.  Because of my stutter, my career growth has been limited, including being overlooked for jobs and not reaching my full potential. My stutter has also resulted In limited social interaction, and my friendship circles are small.

I accepted my stutter as a lifelong issue, until I read Mr. Lovett’s book.  I was fully committed to follow the steps in the book and I set a personal goal to become self-cured in 90 days.  With Mr. Lovett’s help, I did it in less than 60 days! I remain committed to follow the daily routines described in the book to continue to improve my speech.  My confidence continues to grow as I now have positive speaking experiences every day. Over the past 2 months, my once heavy stutter has become virtually undetectable to others.  Simply incredible!

To my astonishment, the author offers one-on-one support via Skype to help people who stutter self-cure.  I was shocked that when I reached out to Lee, and he agreed to Skype with me! Now that I am self-cured, I plan to follow his example by volunteering my time to help other people who stutter conquer their stuttering.  Maybe you and I will speak someday and I can help you as Lee has helped me!

At work I regularly lead meetings, host global conference calls and give presentations in front of large groups of people.  Most of the jobs over my career have required me to speak, making every day challenging and many days terrifying. I now have the confidence in my speech that my mind space is no longer 90% consumed by thoughts and fears of my next stutter.

My journey to self-curing is just beginning.  Although I will always be a person who stutters, although undetectably, I will never stop working on my speech.  After learning and practicing how to use the crutches described in the book, I started building positive speaking memories.  Speaking is now getting easier every day! Lee has inspired me to reset my goals beyond undetectable stuttering and turn my speech into a strength instead of a weakness.  

Thank you Lee, I sincerely appreciate your life-changing book and personal commitment to help me.  Congratulations on making a huge difference in the quality of life for others. Your passion to help people who stutter is truly inspirational!  

Michael, Texas, Jan. 2018

“P.S. On Oct. 11, ’18, Michael wrote: “My speech continues to be amazing.  I spoke at a three day leadership conference for my company. I was an inspirational and powerful presenter and leader.  It’s been amazing. You have changed my life.  I share my speech journey, and people are blown away, and I am now coaching several PWS and using your book and methods.  Many thanks always.  Your friend, Michael”

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