Ivan, Russia

My name is Ivan Andreevich. I am 18 and live in a rural area of Russia. Russian is my first language; so, this is my story as I told it to Lee. Since age three, I have suffered severe blocks, stutters and hesitations on 80% of my words under pressure. I have never had any therapy. I found Lee’s book on Amazon and read it, and I began to see substantial improvements almost immediately. He suggested reading aloud, and this helped me a lot, just hearing my speech be fluent was a wonderful thing. I emailed Lee and to my surprise he replied, and we began Skyping in early February 2018. After about six Skypes, I had learned to use many of the Crutches even better and my speech improved like a snowball, better and better, just as Lee said that it would. While my speech isn’t perfect, I no longer appear to have a speech disability and my speech gets better by the day and my fears of it get less and less. Lee is right. We don’t have to stutter or block; we can beat it. I am very grateful for his book and for his hours of time with me on Skype. I urge any reader of this story to take read Lee’s book and get some Skype coaching from him and the others on Speech Anxiety Anonymous. It works!

Ivan Andreevich, Russia, April 2018

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