Rhythm, India

Hi , My name is Rhythm and I am from India. I am 19 and I am doing my bachelor’s degree in computer science. I speak Hindi and English.

I started stuttering when I was around 4. I stuttered like 80% of the words I spoke. It was very harsh and depressing. When I was a kid I didn’t cared much about my speech but as I aged, I faced thousands of very bad experiences like being bullied in school, not able to say something when I wanted, not able to ask for a packet of bread in shops and this list continues. I was hating myself and I literally tried of killing myself.  I tried a couple of speech therapies but they didn’t helped…

On October 2018 I talked with my friend Vamsi and he told me about Lee. I got his Email id and I messaged him. I was not expecting but he replied me. I was in tears when Lee said that he will help me. He sent me his book -“Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures”. I read it. That book was highly practical and the best thing was the crutches.

Then We started skyping from November. I was very excited and motivated.  I have bad internet connections. I have traveled five hours to get to a place where I could Skype with Lee.  In skype Lee explained his methods in more detail. He demonstrated each crutch with examples. He told me that I will have to be patient and consistent because It will take time. So, I sticked with the program.

Lee assigns Homework and keeps a track of improvement every week. Homework includes, reading aloud as much as you can, doing auto-suggestions, and practicing the crutches. The thing which helped me the most was – “Speaking with passion and emotion”. Lee teached me so many thing regarding my mind and Life. All the crutches were wonderful. My favourite crutch is changing voice registers, extreme pronunciation and talking in short bursts.

I tried hard to do everything that he asked. My stuttering gradually got less and less, but it’s a long, slow process. Finally, Lee urged me to say what I wasn’t thinking and not to say the words I was thinking.  This is hard but, as you get it, it gives you effortless speech. It has been almost two months now since my speech appeared disabled. If you want to see and hear me speak, go here: https://youtu.be/6DZEC0TmpkU,  

My message to PWS is you can stop stuttering.  Get Lee’s book and master it and Skype with him or another of SAA’s coaches. Lee’s book, methods and coaching have changed my life for the better forever.  You don’t have to stutter either. For your sake, I hope that you will join all the rest of us who no longer stutter. It’s a much better life.

RHYTHM, India, June 2019

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