Kireem, Florida

Hello I am Kireem.  I live in Florida and I work in the orthopedic manufacturing business.  I’m 22 and I began stuttering around age 7. In recent years, I have blocked and hesitated on over half my words. When I was in school, I had some therapy sessions but it didn’t help me with anything at all.  As I got older, I stuttered more, especially to strangers, and on the phone.  

About six months ago, I found Lee’s book on Amazon.  It gave me a lot of hope. It made me want to try to improve my speech.  I started giving myself auto suggestion treatments like the book suggested and using some of the crutches.  A month or so later, I emailed Lee and we started Skyping weekly. We probably Skyped a dozen or so times. He drilled me on the crutches and I got really good at using them.  I find linking words together and thinking passionately helps me so much. So does inserting words or sounds in front of problem words. Modulation saved me too. Changing or rephrasing my thought may be my favorite.  So, Lee’s crutches have been huge in helping me beat it. I’ve been faithful about reading aloud every day too and I know that this has helped also.

When I am at work I literally would go into shock when the phone rang. I used to hate to answer it.  Not no more. It’s been a couple of months since I had a noticeable block. Once in a while, I go silent, but I’m getting over that too.  I have basically stopped worrying about my speech.   

I’ll keep doing my auto suggestion treatments every day, practicing the crutches and reading aloud as well.  

What I want to say is that it’s not just my speech that’s better. I feel much better about my life now.  I will forever grateful that I found Lee’s book and Lee and the whole SAA program. Their methods take time and effort but they’re so worth it.  They just want to help PWS.

KIREEM, Florida, June 25 2019

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