Mansur, Nigeria

I live in Nigeria in a place that doesn’t have good internet connections and there are no ways to get speech therapy here that I know of.  My name is Mansur and I’m 30 years old. I began stuttering at age 4. My stuttering under pressure is on around half of my words. My biggest problems were talking to authority figures.  I loved read Lee’s book, 2nd Edition, in the summer of 2018 and I loved it.  Just reading it reduced my stuttering by 20% or so.  Then I began Skyping with Lee. The problem was that we lost our Skype connection lots of times.  Still the Skypes helped. I began reading aloud a lot more and I worked on using his crutches. By early 2019, after half dozen or so Skypes, I had stopped appearing to have a speech disability.  Lee’s book and Skyping with him have been the only things that have ever helped my speech. I wish that we had better Skype connections, but I don’t really have bad incidents anymore, and I’m gradually eliminating my silences.  I feel much better about everything.

MANSUR, Nigeria, May 2019

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