Laxman, Lisbon, Portugal.

My friends call me Laxman, I live in Lisbon, Portugal but I’m indigenously from Nepal, India. I’m 18. I’m a multi-lingual who can speak Nepali, Hindi, Portuguese and English.

I began stuttering from the age of 7. People told me that I’m bewitched with stuttering because of my previous birth’s sins and as a kid I too believed all those bogus information at that point of time. I considered myself unlucky and thought that God was punishing me for the sins that I have committed in my previous life. I was a traumatized kid tortured by my own thoughts.

Then I found World Stop Stuttering Association Inc., which changed my life forever. You could also join WSSA Inc., at  There you will find Lee G. Lovett’s 3rd edition on “Stuttering and anxiety self-cures”.  It is one of the most astounding books that pragmatically explains the causes of speech anxiety and how to overcome them naturally using the crutches. I read the kindle version of the book. This book was an eye-opener for me and I realized that my stutter was not due to God’s punishment but because of the habit of stuttering which I cultivated from a very young age which was caused mainly due to fear and anxiety.

I was so ecstatic to have found a solution finally for my stutter. Albeit I was able to understand the crutches and the importance of AST, I was not sure how to implement them. So, I contacted Lee via mail and he responded immediately and assigned me to Prathusha Ravi, a coach from India. She demonstrated the crutches one by one and made me understand each crutch clearly. She not only asks me to apply those crutches while reading but gives impromptu in every session so I get to apply those crutches in real time while talking. As we all know that PWS sometimes has no trouble while reading aloud but the real issue starts only when they begin to speak. So, impromptu helped me a lot which I found challenging at the beginning because as a PWS we all have succumbed to stuttering and to change that habit is a bit hard at first but with constant practice we can learn to dictate our own thoughts and eventually becoming the BOSS OF OUR MINDS. I was also assigned homework at the end of every session along with feedback which helped me to shape my speech. Later, I found myself completely fluent without any word planning.

Recently, I became a PWSS (Person Who Stopped Stuttering) and you can see my success story video here:  I no longer plan words and my favorite crutches are extreme pronunciation, voice modulation and King’s speech. These amazing crutches have improved my speech in light years and I can’t thank Lee and Prathusha more for what they have done and World Stop Stuttering Association for the  courses on Lee’s books, the very helpful coaching videos, the SpeechMasters Club and on and on.

I will stay keep using Lee’s methods until I learn to love to speak in all situations.  And I intend to keep doing the AST’s throughout my life as it keep me away from all sorts of negativity. Mind training not only helped me in defeating the stutter but elevated the quality of my life as a whole.

Last but not the least I would like to thank Lee once again for his altruistic work,  and I pray God to keep blessing Lee and WSSA Inc., for the wonderful work that they are doing – and, of course, Prathusha too!!!

LAXMAN, Portugal, June 2020

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