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My name is Gus; I’m 28 and I live in Brazil.  I started stuttering at age 12.  It gradually increased to half my words or so.  It slowly took over my life.  By age 25, I was thinking about stuttering 58 minutes of every hour.  It was driving me crazy.  So, I went online and looked for cures, but what I found was that “There is no cure.”   This didn’t make sense to me because I could speak fluently to my pets or alone; so, why couldn’t I speak that way to others.  Now that I stopped stuttering, I am so happy to write this story.  Since Portuguese is first my language, I dictated this story to Coach Lee. 

I had many different therapies.  They worked mainly on my breathing and elongation; then, for a year or so, I worked with a psychotherapist who stressed focusing on the message.  After that, I underwent hetero hypnosis. Being determined, I had earlier taken the Tony Robbins-NLP program and a public speaking course, ten weekly sessions, but the bottom line was that I still stuttered pretty much the same as I did before all the therapy.  All of those who tried to help me never stuttered, and, so, had not overcome stuttering.  They tried hard, but they just didn’t understand the problem.

I stumbled on Lee Lovett’s book, and I thought that I had found the Holy Grail.  Everything in it made sense.  Lee had stuttered and beaten and wrote his book to help others who suffered as he had.  His book gave me hope; in fact, it made me believe that I really could beat it.  By the time that I finished his book, my stuttering was reduced by around a third, and I was thrilled.  

I emailed Lee and we began Skyping.  I also had  hypnotherapy sessions with Lee’s grandson, Lee III, and these sessions raised my self-confidence dramatically.  So I want to thank Lee III as well.  By the time that Lee and I Skyped around three times, I had stopped stuttering!  I still have fears of it, and I need to use Lee’s crutches often, but I’m not stuttering, and I can’t remember the last time that I appeared speech disabled.  It had to months ago.  

Now, I’m working on teaching myself to love to speak.  Lee has helped create an online speech club for PWS, and I am joining that as well.

Here’s what I have to say to PWS:  You need to focus on your mind.  Stop believing that there is no cure, because there is.  You can control your mind.  No longer how long it takes, never give up.  You can become the person you want to be.  Auto suggestion and self-hypnosis are changing my life, because we can dictate our thoughts.

If you want to hear me my Success Video,  go here:

Finally, get Lee’s book and master it. Also, he’s done 50+ really helpful video lectures explaining all four of his speech related books, which you can get on World Stop Stuttering Association/WSSA  (  WSSA is the world’s only community of ex-stutterers and their goal and Lee’s is to end stuttering  worldwide.    

If you need still need coaching, email Lee and ask for coaching.  He’s still doing it now, and he has other self-cured stutterers at WSSA who help him.  So, maybe you can get some coaching too.  Also, I would ask for hypnotherapy on WSSA.  Anyway, the great news is that stuttering can be stopped.  So join us and beat it too.  I often hang out at WSSA’s SpeechMasters Club.  Maybe I’ll see you there.  I’m working on my next goal: Learning to love to speak anywhere, anytime to anybody.  As Lee says, “Believe that you can improve and you will.”  Good luck.

Gus, Brazil,  June 2020

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