Vikram, Washington, D.C.

Hello everybody, I’m Vikram Nandyala, age 22, male from Washington DC. I work as a management consultant. I stuttered since age 4 to 40% of the words.  Stuttering is something that has always been an obstacle for me up until now and it is something that I always thought would bring me down. I have had countless struggles with it and I felt I could never become the person I was capable of becoming. I did not have much faith in therapists due to past experience and I was unsure if I was ever going to get over this obstacle. I have stuttered many times in a job that requires good communication skills and I just felt defeated after most days at work. I felt discouraged in addition from the multiple web articles that said stuttering was incurable. The authors of those web articles clearly have not discovered Lee’s methodology otherwise they would have realized that stuttering is far from undefeatable!

After a suggestion from a colleague that I should read more, I thought I should delve into the world of stuttering and learn more about how others have tried to get over it; I fortunately found Lee’s book. I am incredibly grateful that I found his book and had sessions with Lee and Prathusha to help me defeat my stutter. The one-two-three punch of Lee’s method helped defeat my stutter and I am so much happier because of it!  Recently, I also joined SpeechMasters Club which tailors its program to those who have or did have speech anxiety, and this is proving extremely helpful and educational too.  You can join it by going to World Stop Stuttering Association (  

To anyone who is reading this, don’t get me wrong: Lee’s method is not easy and is something that usually cannot be mastered in one day but with constant practice, anyone can DEFINITELY defeat stuttering. Stuttering like many other problems in life is just a bad habit that we have developed and it takes a different mindset and a few tools to fix this problem. 

Not only did Lee’s methods teach me to get over stuttering but it also helped me see stuttering as a blessing because getting over stuttering gave me the confidence to believe that anything is truly possible.  If you want to hear me speak, you can go here:

I am definitely a much happier person today because I no longer stutter and I know it is only up from here in terms of my communication. I hope to become a coach one day to help others realize their potential with Lee’s methods because stuttering is something that can be defeated! 

Thank you Lee and Prathusha for helping me and changing my life!”

VIKRAM, Washington, D.C., June 2020

P.S.  It will soon be four years since I’ve stopped stuttering and I feel fantastic and very confident in my speech. I can’t remember my last bad incident.  I always continue to do my daily mind training and use the crutches especially when I’m nervous; there are several times too where I am not thinking about my speech and speak fluently.  I love to take the mic at meetings and use it as an opportunity to live the life I used to not have. I am still a certified speech coach and love to give back to the community. WSSA has done so much for me and I hope that they continue to grow and expand to help more individuals.  Vikram, April 2024


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