Mastering the Silence: Overcoming Stutter Blocks


Effective communication is a vital aspect of daily life, but for those dealing with stuttering, it often presents unique challenges. In this blog, we’ll delve into a crucial aspect discussed in the insightful guide, How to Stop Stuttering and Love Speaking: the importance of never publicly wrestling with a stutter block.

Understanding Stuttering:

Stuttering isn’t just a physical challenge; it involves the consent and commitment of the individual, whether conscious or subconscious. The key to overcoming stuttering lies in withdrawing this consent and refusing to succumb to incidents that may contribute to self-perceived speech disabilities.

The Pitfalls of Publicly Wrestling with Stutter Blocks:

As highlighted in the guide, many individuals who stutter (PWS) often engage in public wrestling matches with stutter blocks, especially during initial interactions. Public wrestling involves obvious, heavy repetitions, blocking, contorting facial expressions, or engaging in physical movements to force out a blocked word. The guide strongly advises against this practice and provides compelling reasons for doing so.

Reasons to Avoid Block Wrestling:

  • Blocks Cannot be Overpowered: Attempting to force through a serious block is futile; the block often wins, resulting in a temporary victory that reinforces the block’s resistance.
  • Listener Discomfort: Forcing a block doesn’t just affect the speaker; it creates an uncomfortable moment for the listener. This can lead to social repercussions, causing PWS to limit interactions or retreat from social life.
  • Negative Stutter-Memory: Forcing a block creates a negative memory in the PWS’ Memory Bank, overshadowing positive fluency moments and compounding stuttering fears.
  • Unnecessary with Crutches: The guide emphasizes the availability of crutches, particularly Crutch 11, to overcome blocks effectively. Engaging in a public wrestling match is unnecessary when effective tools can be used to navigate these challenges.

Alternative Approaches to Stutter Blocks:

The guide suggests alternative strategies to navigate stutter blocks without engaging in a public wrestling match:

  • Use Crutches: Explore and master the crutches outlined in the guide, especially Crutch 11, to overcome blocks effectively.
  • Pause and Substitute: Rather than wrestling with a block, pause and substitute the word with a synonym or modify the sentence structure.
  • Vary Speech Modulation: Experiment with modulation techniques, such as speaking in a whisper or half-whisper, to overcome blocks creatively.
  • Change or Rephrase: Alter the wording or structure of the message to avoid the blocked word, providing a smoother communication experience.

The Promise of Refusal:

The guide offers a promise: as individuals refuse to publicly wrestle with blocks, the occurrence of stutter fears and blocks decreases over time. By avoiding these confrontations, individuals can experience a gradual reduction in the assault of stuttering challenges.


In conclusion, the art of overcoming stutter blocks involves a strategic and thoughtful approach. Instead of wrestling head-on, individuals are encouraged to find creative ways to navigate around, under, or over these challenges. With the aid of crutches and alternative speech strategies, individuals can reclaim control over their speech and work towards a more fluent and confident communication style.

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