How Will I Ever Get Out Of This Labyrinth?

“Prathusha’s Pandora”

She was wonder struck by the overwhelming revelation that the headlong race between the misfortune (PWS) and her dreams (PWSS) was at the moment reaching the finish line.  She also knew that “Every finish line is the beginning of a new race”, this time on a fluent road plausibly  J Yay!! 

She had met with the most altruistic and benevolent Lee Lovett via Facebook, the founder of Speech Anxiety Anonymous. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for making this celestial connection possible. Lee had opened a new chapter of “HOPE” in her strained life and changed the way of looking at stuttering as a blessing. She constantly, used the crutches every time she spoke and it worked! She became the nightingale in a week (one of the fastest persons to hit fluency).

Sometimes she did experience stutter threats and relapsed. Why? Because she thought that she was rhetoric and forgot to use the crutches every time. The rest was darkness. Damn it! She sighed. “How will I ever get out of this labyrinth?” She felt the world crumble around; her entire life story was underlined in bleeding, water soaked ink. But post flood there was this one chapter that kept lingering in her mind – The chapter of “HOPE”.

Then, she did remember her “Skype” conversations with Lee Lovett and the whole truth unfolded in front of her moist eyes. She did not practice AST (Auto suggestions) and forgot to become a Speech cop. Once a wise man (Javier Valcazar Cortazar) said, “The crutches are not difficult …. the difficult thing is being a speech cop”. The realization struck her so hard and she started practicing ASTs 2x daily and was resolute not to force words. In the aftermath, drastically she was able to witness improvement in her speech.

Hence, whenever she was encountered with “How will I ever get out of this labyrinth?” an arrow led to his (Javier Valcazar Cortazar) margin note written in his thunder bolt and lightening-struck loop heavy cursive: Become a speech cop straight and fast!

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