This course is aimed at the more severe speech anxiety cases: Those who suffer hesitations, repetitions, blocks, and/or prolonged silences and, thus, in some cases, cannot carry on many conversations at a normal pace.

These 20 videos make Lee’s book come to life and take the student through the entire almost 600-page book, explaining and demonstrating how to use The Lovett Method, which is based on many methods coupled with the daily use of mind-training, all of which lead to fluent speech and elevated lives. The student will apply the principles and teach him/herself to overcome those speech issues at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods, therapies, clinics, etc.

Recommended course pace is one lesson per week. This will enable the student to practice the methods and retain the information and to sufficiently practice and master its concepts before moving to the next lesson. All of these lectures are given by Lee Lovett.

*This book is available in Spanish, French, and Hindi.

Includes 13 Crutches video lessons

  • This masterful class provides the tools you need to stop hearing stuttering incidents and start hearing only fluency.
  • Class is a deep dive into the tools or crutches thousands of stutterers use to stop stuttering incidents.  Includes “Crutch Chart” for a handy reference to all 13 invaluable tools.
  • Each video covers 1 of 13 techniques used to avoid stuttering.
  • Each Crutch is explained and expanded upon in easy-to-understand terms.
  • Provides how-to examples and practice for employing Crutches in everyday speech.
  • Presents techniques learned from Lee’s 7,000+ coaching sessions.
  • Mastery of these tools to avoid stuttering is essential for more severe cases to stop stuttering using The Lovett Method. 

Parents of stutterers provides parents with the tools to help their children reach fluency

  • If your child stutters – this class will change your life, and his/hers too.
  • Schools tend to be massive incubators of stuttering. This class shows parents how to breakthrough school misinformation and prevent school time from reinforcing stuttering.
  • Class includes 3 power-packed lessons, taught by Lee Lovett, an ex-stutterer, author, and renowned stuttering coach.
  • Parents should take the lesson that matches their child’s age (3-7, 8-12, or 13-17).
  • Parents of stuttering children will understand the disorder and how The Lovett Method can stop a child from stuttering.
  • Parents learn simple and proven techniques to help their children stop stuttering, love speaking, and re-train their minds to hear fluency.
  • It is highly recommended that parents review those lessons from the adult classes that are most applicable to their child. 

Beat Fear of Speaking in Public
Includes 12 video lessons

  • If you fear speaking to two or more people – it’s time to break the chains!
  • 12 videos walk students through the journey from fearing speaking in public to learning to love to speak in all situations.
  • This class is the next step for those who have stopped stuttering or never stuttered.
  • Based upon Coach Lee’s groundbreaking “Speech Anxiety To Public Speaking” book.
  • Coach Lee teaches the art and science of speaking to “groups,” whether few people at a party, or a thousand people in an auditorium.
  • Eliminate all fear of speaking in public and learn to Speak Like a King!
  • Recommended class pace is one weekly lesson. This will enable the student to retain, practice, and master the concepts before moving to the next lesson.