Lee Lovett

Taught by Coach Lee Lovett



This course is aimed at the more severe speech anxiety cases: Those who suffer hesitations, repetitions, blocks, and/or prolonged silences and, thus, in some cases, cannot carry on many conversations at a normal pace.

These 20 videos make Lee’s book come to life and take the student through the entire almost 600-page book, explaining and demonstrating how to use The Lovett Method, which is based on many methods coupled with the daily use of mind-training, all of which lead to fluent speech and elevated lives. The student will apply the principles and teach him/herself to overcome those speech issues at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods, therapies, clinics, etc.

Recommended course pace is one lesson per week. This will enable the student to practice the methods and retain the information and to sufficiently practice and master its concepts before moving to the next lesson. All of these lectures are given by Lee Lovett.

*This book is available in Spanish, French, and Hindi.

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