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Overcoming the Shadow of Stammering: A Guide to Public Speech Liberation

The Public Fear of Speech and the Stammering Struggle Public speaking, a commonplace activity for many, transforms into a daunting challenge for individuals grappling with stammering. The fear of stuttering in public often manifests in a heightened sensitivity towards certain words, especially the dreaded First Feared Words (FFW), which can be crippling, perpetuating speech disabilities […]


Unlocking Fluent Expression: A Journey to Liberation

Stuttering, often described as the act of “holding back” by John Harrison, finds its counterforce in the transformative power of being overtly enthusiastic. This shift towards expressive speech, where emotions take center stage, acts as a catalyst for submerging stuttering in a sea of passion. Navigating the Millimeter Shift to Fluency This guide intricately weaves […]


Be a Determined Speech Cop: Enforcing Your No-Stuttering Law

In the realm of conquering stuttering, one must first acknowledge a crucial truth: whether consciously or subconsciously, individuals who stutter must consent and commit to stuttering. The journey to overcoming stuttering begins with the resolute withdrawal of this consent and the unwavering refusal to stutter. This seemingly paradoxical task is the essence of the one-two-three […]


A Plea to School Teachers: Nurturing the Voices of Stuttering Children

Stuttering, a formidable challenge faced by many, often finds its roots in the hallways of schools. An informal survey reveals a staggering statistic: approximately 70% of people who stutter (PWS) begin their journey into the realms of speech impediment within the school setting. The seemingly innocent acts of self-introduction or reading aloud become inadvertent launching […]


Liberating Speech: Crutches and Speech Plans as the Ultimate Allies

In the intricate tapestry of stuttering, where the mind grapples with the relentless challenge of word-planning and the looming specter of fear, crutches and speech plans emerge as the unsung heroes, providing a lifeline to those navigating the tumultuous seas of speech impediment. A Paradigm Shift: From Problem-Focused to Solution-Driven At the heart of this […]


Embracing the Power of Mind-Training: Auto-Suggestions and Self-Hypnosis

In the relentless battle against stuttering, two stalwart allies have emerged as the greatest aids of all: auto-suggestion (AS) and self-hypnosis (SH). As confirmed by my fellow People Who Stutter (PWS) and echoed in the narratives of countless success stories, AS and SH stand out as the cornerstone methods that propel individuals toward fluency and […]


Discovering the Most Effective Methods to Overcome Stuttering: A Comprehensive Guide

In the quest to conquer stuttering and stammering, individuals often find themselves navigating through various methods, each claiming to hold the key to success. A seasoned advocate for those battling speech anxiety sheds light on the most effective approaches, as reported by individuals who have triumphed over stuttering. The Three Pillars of Victory When individuals […]


Conquering the Name Game: A Guide to Overcoming Stuttering and Stammering

The weight of saying a name, be it your own or someone else’s, can be an immense burden for those navigating the intricate landscape of stuttering and stammering. Through invaluable insights and personal experiences, this exploration sheds light on the common struggle many people who stutter (PWS) face when confronted with the challenge of uttering […]

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