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The “Science” of Stuttering & Fluency: Debunking Incurability

When we think of science, we often envision a well-established body of knowledge supported by undeniable facts. However, science is not static, and its findings can evolve as new data emerge. This is particularly true when dealing with complex issues like stuttering, where the scientific landscape has seen significant shifts over the years. Evolving Science […]


The 1-2-3 Punch: A Powerful Approach to Stuttering Improvement

Stuttering is a speech impediment that can significantly impact an individual’s confidence and communication abilities. Fortunately, there are effective strategies and techniques that can help those who stutter regain fluency and confidence. One such approach is the “1-2-3 Punch,” a holistic method that combines reading aloud , practicing crutches or tools, and reciting daily affirmations. […]


Finding Your Voice: Overcoming Speech Impediments and Fear of Public Speaking

Speech therapy is an influential resource for individuals facing speech impediments such as stuttering, stammering, selective mutism, and cluttering. It is provided by adept professionals known as speech pathologists, speech therapists or SLP’s, who offer vitally important support to those who stutter. If you’re searching for a “speech therapist near me” to help you or […]


The Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of life? For some, it’s their family, profession, possessions, money, etc. Unfortunately, for others, they may have none, as they’re mere leaves floating in the wind. For me, it was to be a good son, older brother, grandson, cousin, nephew, godfather, classmate, co-worker, friend, and even a stranger. In addition, I […]


WSSA Coach Wants Students to ‘Grab the Mic’ Prathusha Ravi, who used the Lovett Method to overcome a lifetime of stuttering, is now focused on helping others do the same

Prathusha Ravi has a mission – to make every person she coaches to overcome their stuttering want to “grab the microphone.” Ravi knows from personal experience what a monumental step this can be. By the time the 26-year-old Düsseldorf, Germany-based internal auditor for the accounting firm Ernst & Young was 6 years old, she’d already […]


A Born Storyteller Finally Finds His Voice

Vikram Nandyala struggled with stuttering his entire life. WSSA has enabled him to stop stuttering and learn to love to speak. Vikram Nandyala is a natural-born storyteller. But at 24, the Washington, D.C., senior associate at a major international accounting firm has only been able to put the skill to wide use in the last […]

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