Embracing the Symphony of Speech: A Journey to Love Speaking


In the symphony of human expression, the art of speech is a melody that intertwines with the very essence of our being. However, for those who have battled stuttering and stammering, the harmony of speech can be drowned out by the dissonance of fear. This blog delves into the transformative journey of not only conquering speech impediments but also learning to love the act of speaking. Rooted in the wisdom of positive affirmation, this exploration unfolds the POST-Cure Program, guiding individuals through a roadmap to replace fear with a resounding love for speech.

Section 1: The Power of Positive Thoughts

1.1 Rejecting the Shadows of Fear:

Unveiling the immediacy of thought rejection, the blog begins by emphasizing the critical role of rejecting negative thoughts promptly. Focusing particularly on the fear of speech, we explore the notion that flooding the mind with positive affirmations, notably the proclamation “I LOVE to speak,” serves as a powerful antidote to the shadows of fear.

1.2 The Dominance of Thought:

Delving into the psychology of thought, this section underscores the principle that the most frequently repeated thought becomes the dominant thought, ultimately shaping our reality. The transformative potential of dictating the removal of fear and instilling a genuine love for speech becomes a beacon of hope.

Section 2: Post-Cure Program Unveiled

2.1 Staying on the Program:

Introducing the POST-Cure Program, we outline the overarching goal: to stay committed to the program until the individual can confidently declare “I LOVE TO SPEAK” and mean it. A detailed examination of the program, as described in Section 18, sets the stage for a sustained journey toward speech liberation.

2.2 Reducing Fears by 99%:

Highlighting the dual objectives of (a) genuinely loving to speak and (b) reducing fears of stuttering by 99%, this section emphasizes the importance of continuity. Through consistent practices such as reading aloud, auto suggestion, and employing Crutches even when not explicitly needed, the journey toward a fear-free existence unfolds.

Section 3: The Role of Coaching in the Journey

3.1 Leveraging PWSS-Coaching:

Acknowledging the significance of support, this section introduces the role of PWSS-Coaching. Exploring the potential of 15-30-minute Skypes with a coach, we delve into the value of continued guidance and encouragement in navigating the nuanced landscape of post-cure fears. To learn more, visit www.worldstopstuttering.org

3.2 Community Support:

Advocating for the community of ex-stutterers, the blog underscores the availability of coaching for free or at a minimal cost. A supportive network of individuals who have embarked on similar journeys becomes a wellspring of wisdom, fostering camaraderie and shared growth.

Section 4: The Two-Year Post-Cure Period

4.1 The Culmination: A Fear-Free Existence:

As the journey progresses, this section maps out the trajectory for the two-year post-cure period. With consistent affirmation of “I LOVE TO SPEAK” and diligent adherence to the program, the fears of stuttering are projected to diminish by 99%, rendering the individual fear-free.

4.2 The Symphony of “I LOVE TO SPEAK”:

Culminating in the celebration of a fear-free existence, the blog encourages the repetition of affirmations until the declaration “I LOVE TO SPEAK” becomes the dominant thought and, consequently, the individual’s reality. The symphony of speech transforms into a melody of self-love and confidence.

Conclusion: Orchestrating the Ode to Speech

In the concluding section, the blog circles back to the profound impact of positive thoughts on the journey from speech anxiety to a genuine love for speaking. The POST-Cure Program emerges as a guide, offering individuals not just a cessation of stuttering but a profound transformation into individuals who revel in the joy of articulation. As the curtains fall on fear, the stage is set for an enduring ode to speech.

This exploration unfolds as a guide and source of inspiration for those navigating the intricate terrain of post-cure fears, paving the way for a symphony of speech that resonates with love, confidence, and liberation.

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