Why 2021 Was Good For PWS

Almost 50 of our PWS-students became PWSS (people who stopped stuttering) this past year.  It’s such a treat to reflect on what some have written to us.  Let’s recap a few:

            An attorney wrote, “Your program saved my life.  I really believe that even though it may take hundreds of years, in the future, when cars can fly, people will be saying to their kids, ‘Hey, you know back in the day there used to be this thing called stuttering’.”  

            One of our Canadian PWSS’ (who had a great many failed therapies) wrote, “SAC truly is a great organization and its methods do work for many people.  Lee’s program is by far the best practical approach I’ve ever heard of to address chronic stuttering..   His methods forced me to confront the problem and provided me with techniques that forced me to communicate even when I felt the subconscious desire to hold back…”   .  

            After donating $5,000 to help cover our monthly cash losses, this father of a pre-teenage boy, wrote this: “It was the least I could do, especially since you’ve been so generous with your time.  You’ve created an amazing community of PWSS’s that I hope will continue to flourish.”

            A medical doctor/PWSS wrote, “I used to stutter badly from age 11.  Sometimes I blocked totally.  I couldn’t say or read a word, it was ghastly…Lee is an angel sent from God.  I can’t thank him and his team of ex-stuttering coaches enough for all they do.

            An airline pilot-PWSS, wrote, “I have no words that would thank you enough for what you do and the help you give us.      

            A Polish-PWSS wrote, “Thank you again and again and again for your book and your selfless coaching that enabled me to become a PWSS-a Person Who Stopped Stuttering…what a difference in the quality of all aspects of my life.”    

            A Canadian Chemical Engineer-PWSS wrote, “In addition to helping us reach fluency, which effects every aspect of our lives, personal and professional, in a massive way, we have learned invaluable lessons in kindness and generosity of spirit, which I have consciously tried to adopt and I have already observed many benefits. . .So, thank you again for all your wonderful teachings.

            Happy stutter-free students are our reward.  They continue to prove that stuttering can and should be beaten.  Hopefully, you won’t waste another day before you join World Stop Stuttering Association (formerly Speech Anxiety Cures), the world’s only community of EX-stutterers – the only people who really understand how to stop stuttering.  I’ll be waiting for you there.

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