The Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of life? For some, it’s their family, profession, possessions, money, etc. Unfortunately, for others, they may have none, as they’re mere leaves floating in the wind. For me, it was to be a good son, older brother, grandson, cousin, nephew, godfather, classmate, co-worker, friend, and even a stranger. In addition, I thought I was put on this planet to be an avid football (soccer) fanatic, as I eat, sleep, and breathe the beautiful game.

Recently, those thoughts have changed, and it’s credited to a book called “How to Stop Stuttering and Love Speaking” by Lee G. Lovett. Lee’s brilliant manifesto spoke to my heart and soul, as it’s a heaven’s paradise for stutterers! Only PWS can describe the mental barriers they go through on a daily basis with stuttering. Sadly, stuttering remains the only disability that still gets made fun of by others, be it intentionally or unintentionally. I thought I would have to live with mine forever until I found Lee’s God-sent novelty and program.

Initially, the only thing I wanted from this program was to convert my status from PWS (person who stutters) to PWSS (person who stopped stuttering). While I did indeed achieve that status in only two to three months after diligently immersing myself in the author’s methods, I’ve gained something even more valuable from this whole scheme, and that’s daily mind training through the use of positive affirmations! Negative thoughts about stuttering cannot enter a stutterer’s already full mind. We must override those thoughts with an ocean of positive affirmations. If results aren’t achieved in rapid succession, don’t get discouraged. The goal of improved speech is in the sacrificial journey it took to get there, not in its final destination.

With that said, now I know what my sole purpose in life is, and that’s to help as many PWS become PWSS. I’m all in on this great program Lee Lovett created. I’ve literally drank gallons and gallons of his own Kool-Aid! I want to make WSSA my home and livelihood for the entirety of my life and grow old helping as many individuals as possible. There are roughly seventy to eighty million stutterers worldwide, and I want to help them all improve not only their speech but, most importantly, their minds. It seems like a daunting task, but it only takes one person to make a substantial difference in this world. Overcoming stuttering will become a massive achievement that will lead you down a path to even more great accolades. With each passing day, I’m truly converting stuttering into the greatest blessing of my life.

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