Sherry, California

My name is Sherry. I’m a Ph.D in Biology, and I do biochemical research at a major University. I found Coach Lee’s books, WSSA’s program and Coach Lee so helpful that I volunteered to translate his “Stop Stuttering SHORT Course” book into Chinese. My translation will be on WSSA’s website when you read this. I was delighted to do it to help this wonderful program help other Chinese stutterers. Doing the translation also helped me, as I learned these incredible methods even better.

I began stuttering at age 4, mainly blocks. I stuttered very severely even at home, more with strangers and on the phone, and it was unbearable doing speeches to groups, where I stuttered almost every word. I stuttered even more in my native language, Chinese, than I did in English. In my career, I sometimes need to address large groups.

I had various therapies over the years, with SLP’s, in a clinic and one at a University, and an intensive one (Precision Fluency Shaping). Some of these programs helped for a week or two, but I soon relapsed into my old stuttering ways; so, none of them enabled me to stop stuttering or anything close to it.

In early 2023, I fortunately came across Lee Lovett’s program when I was doing an Internet search about stuttering therapy. I then read his book and began Skyping with him. I love the way Lee coaches; he does it with love, and it works. His neuroscience-based methods are also great and they work. I haven’t appeared speech disabled in months. However, I still have lots of fears and sometimes halting speech, but I no longer appear to be speech disabled. I intend to continue in WSSA’s program until I love to speak everywhere and can say that stuttering was a blessing in my life. I now believe that I will be able to do this before long. I still Skype with Coach Lee now and then and that always helps.

WSSA is such a wonderful and supportive program. I’ve received a wealth of valuable advice and encouragement from Coach Prathusha, as well as from other coaches and members. Prathusha’s kindness, talent, and passion shine through in her coaching. She graciously stepped in to coach me when

Coach Lee was unavailable. Coach Lee and Prathusha’s guidance have been instrumental in my journey to stop stuttering.

Having tried so many other programs and therapies that gave me no lasting relief, I am so grateful to have found Coach Lee, his books and World Stop Stuttering Association, which is, as they say, “a whole community of ex-stutterers and those fast becoming ex-stutterers.”

In conclusion, it’s such great news for all the world’s stutterers that stuttering is no longer “an incurable disorder that must be accepted”, as has been said for so long. Don’t keep stuttering. Life is ever so much better without it.

Sherry, a Ph.D., California, October 2023

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