Abdoul, West Africa

My name is Abdoul.  I just became a Medical Doctor in a French speaking part of West Africa.

I began stuttering around age 6, and I have stuttered about half my words for almost 20 years now.  My problem was a huge problem in school and threatened to prevent me from completing my education and becoming a medical doctor.

I discussed my problem with my pharmacist, who recommended that I contact Richard Parent, a Canadian who is best known for translating many stuttering books into French.  Richard pointed me to the books of Lee Lovett that Richard had translated into French.  Lee’s book spoke to me.  It made so much sense.  I also got some online coaching from Richard.

The end result is that I have stopped appearing to be speech disabled.  Interestingly, what used to bother me the most was speaking to groups of people.  That has now become the easiest place for me to speak.

I couldn’t have done this without Richard Parent’s help and the books of Lee Lovett – whose methods are now given in detail on the website of World Stop Stuttering Association.   These methods do work, and I will be eternally grateful for having found Richard Parent and Lee Lovett’s books.  From the bottom of my heart, I give my eternal thanks to both of them for their support and generosity.

Abdoul, West African M.D., July 2023

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