Lam, California

I stuttered on 90% of my words under pressure.  I began stuttering at age ten. My name is Lam, a Vietnamese name, and I work for a medical company in California.  By my late fifties, I still stuttered most of the time, except when I was alone or, sometimes, with my family. I took some well known therapy programs, but I didn’t like them.   

I found Lee’s book on Amazon in May of 2018 and read it.  I was amazed. I got a 30% reduction of stuttering from the book alone.  Later, I began Skyping with Lee and that helped a great deal. After about six Skypes, I had stopped stuttering.  

It’s been two months now since I had a speech incident that made me appear to have a speech disability, and I can avoid stutters now.  I’m very grateful for Lee’s book and his coaching.

SAA is a wonderful thing.  It offers a place where PWS who have overcome the disease help the rest of us fight it, and, unbelievably, they do it for free.  There is no way to thank them enough.  

Lam, California, September 2018

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