Interjeet, Australia

I am so thrilled to say that, incredibly, I haven’t had a bad speech incident in over two months.  I was nine when I first stuttered, and I suffered with it in school. My name is Interjeet; I live in Australia, and I’m 22 now.  I’ve always hated stuttering, but I found ways to hide it, more or less, but it killed me inside. About one-third of the time, my speech disability was detectable. My main method for hiding it was to be silent.  I just didn’t talk. I wanted to talk, but I wouldn’t take the risks of humiliating myself. I sought help from therapists, and they mainly urged me to “relax and speak slowly”, which didn’t help much.

My biggest problems are talking to strangers and doing public speaking.  I worry about it way too much. In July 2018, I found Lee’s book on Amazon, and I loved it.  I felt massive improvement; I couldn’t believe it; I had never experienced such improved speech; it seemed to get better every day.  I became so excited, and I worked even harder. I read aloud extensively. I did two auto suggestion treatments daily, visualizing and hearing myself be fluent in pressured situations, and I practiced the Crutches when reading aloud and when I was alone.  The Crutches are so powerful.

I know that I can avoid stutters now.  I have beaten it, and I firmly believe that stuttering is curable.  It’s time that all of us rejoice in the fact that stuttering IS a curable disease and the Lee’s methods work.  SAA is doing a fantastic thing in offering ex-stutterers to help stutterers beat it. I look forward to helping some other PWS beat it.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to help you. I hope so. If you like to see my video, click here:  I would wish you good luck with your speech, but, now, you can make your own your own “luck” and beat Satan Stuttering as I did.

Interjeet, Australia, October 2018


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