Jorge, Miami

I’m Jorge; I’m 30, and I live in Miami. I have an AB in Economics and I’m a financial analyst.  I began stuttering at age 5 or so. I was closet stutterer; that is, I only stuttered sometimes.  So, some people didn’t know that I stuttered, but in some situations I stuttered really badly. My dad had a mild stuttering problem too.  My main issues used to be ordering food, talking on the phone, and small talk. I used to take pills for anxiety but I was able to quit once I started using Lee’s methods.

I found Lee’s book on Amazon and got the audible version.  I loved it. I began using his crutches and reduced my stuttering by 60%.  I emailed Lee, and he replied straight away. We began Skyping, and that helped a lot too.  We’ve Skyped about a dozen times now, and I haven’t had a bad speech incident, where I sound disabled, in seven weeks now. I couldn’t go that long without stuttering unless I knew how to avoid stuttering.  This is a huge achievement for me. I still have fears of stuttering, but I’m fighting those as well, but they grow less every day.  I will stay on Lee’s program until the fears are gone.

What helped most?  It’s hard to say. All his methods did.  I read aloud 30-60 minutes every day. I give myself auto suggestion treatments 20 minutes each twice a day, and I use the Crutches a great deal.  The end result is that I stopped stuttering 7 weeks ago.

Lee Lovett broke the stuttering code.  So, he’s a kind of hero. He figured out how to beat it and he did, and so did I and so have lots of others.  There’s no reason to keep stuttering, not anymore. It takes work and some time to beat it, but you can do it.  Get Lee’s book and start applying the methods, and you’ll be joining Lee and the rest of us in the fluent world.  Life is much better without stuttering.

JORGE, Miami, March 2019

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