Brunel, New York

My name is Brunel.  I’m 23 and live in New York.  I speak Creole, French and English, and I’ve stuttered since I was 3.  I’ve had severe blocks to 100% of my words all my life. My mother, who died, was a stutterer, and so was my brother.  I never had any therapy. When I was a kid, they made fun of my stutters in school. I really wanted to stop stuttering all my life.  I found Lee and his book on the internet. I loved his book so much. I began Skyping with him three months ago. I read aloud an hour a day.  I do auto suggestions three times a day, and I use the crutches all day long. As I read the book I began using his crutches, like whispering, changing my voice register and linking words.  They worked like magic. I haven’t had a speech incident that appeared to be a speech disability since I finished his book two months ago. I’m not afraid of speaking anymore and I’m going to join a speaking club soon.  I still want to teach myself to love to speak, and I’m getting there. I plan to keep Skyping with Lee and work on my public speaking. If you stutter you should contact SAA or Lee. They all stuttered and they know how to stop it.  They do it for free. They just want to help us.

Brunel, New York, March 2019

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