SAM Meeting 12/23/23 – Affirmations for Ex-Stutterers

Host: Javier

Speaker: Coach Lee

Topic: Affirmations for Ex-Stutterers


Coach Lee’s favourite affirmations to stop stuttering:

1) Everyday in everyway, my speech grows better and better. (Emile’s classic)

2) When I speak, calm floods my body.

3) If I can say one word anywhere anytime, I can say any word anywhere anytime.

4) I love to speak; I love to say my name, ______________.

5) I link my words as I hold a tone through all my words to a stop.

6) My best efforts and loving attitude guarantee achievement of my reasonable goals.

7) I love to speak to groups and to authority figures.

8) I speak immediately without planning words.

9) I smile as I speak with positive passion and joy.

10) Today, I’ll make a happy day.  (Lee’s personal favorite)



Coah Lee’s recommended Affirmations, post-fearing stuttering:

1) Everyday, in every way, I grow better and better.

2) I love my life; I feel no strife.

3) Today, I’ll reject anger in all of its forms.

4) When I’m loving, I am happy.

5) When I’m  laughing, I am happy.

6) When I’m working, I am happy.

7) When I’m learning, I am happy.

8) When I’m logical, I am happy.

9) Today, I shall reject pain in all its forms.

10) Today, I’ll make a happy day.

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