Female, 19, Qatar

Auralia (Asma), 19, once one of three stuttering sisters, came to us some four years ago. She stopped stuttering, as did her sisters, in several months. She had a mini-relapse about two years ago which was resolved in a couple Skypes. She has been stutter-free since. She has even learned NOT to think negatively about her speech or even to plan and hence fear her words. She and her sisters jump-started their fluency by singing and laughing through their stuttering, especially at family gatherings.

In this session, Asma demonstrates the ART of reading aloud and how it can help train one to THINK MESSAGE. We read aloud the classic, ballad “Both Sides Now”, which looks at both sides of life, the good and the bad, and decides to dwell on the good. The priceless song can be enjoyed on YouTube: BothSidesNow-JoniMitchell.

Asma has decided to FINISH our program by teaching herself to LOVE to speak in all venues and to then apply mind-training to convert her once-stuttering into a blessing in her life. She is even going to take WSSA’s Certified Coach Training Program. Above all, this session shows a transformation in reading aloud; at first, she reads fast with no feeling; each time she reads a passage, she reads with more feeling, until, finally, she reads with great feeling — understanding and projecting THE MESSAGE, a key to lifelong fluency. We rejoice for Asma and welcome her to World Stop Stuttering Association’s growing army of happy EX-stutterers.

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