Kenna F CALLED SUE from Midwest

SUE (Mom), Coleen (9) and David (7) Midwest, U.S.

This is THREE Stopped Stuttering Stories in one!  My name is Sue. I’ve stuttered since childhood, as did my nine year old daughter, Coleen, and my seven year old son, David.  We mostly did repeats with some blocks and silences.  I went through some speech therapy in high school, but I didn’t find lasting relief.  The problem continued and Coleen and David began stuttering as well.  I have other children who began to show signs of the problem.  Left uncontrolled, stuttering sometimes spreads to others.

I found Lee Lovett’s book on Amazon.  I bought it and studied it.  It made so much sense to me.  I then joined WSSA and had some private coaching with Coaches Lee and Javier.   Through that process, I learned various techniques which allow me to communicate without repeats and blocks and to improve my speech in general.

Additionally, Lee taught me how to coach my children, so they can benefit from Lee’s methods as well.  We read fun books, poems, and short plays aloud together, while we practice speaking slowly, pronouncing all the syllables, inserting a pause regularly, modulating our voices, speaking with enthusiasm, and smiling.  We have a great time!

When my kids begin speaking too quickly, Lee taught me to use hand signals to remind them to slow down. I am so grateful to Lee for writing such a helpful book and to Lee and Javier for the time they spent coaching us.

Now, Coleen, David and I no longer appear speech disabled and have the tools we need to maintain fluency for the long haul and to even learn to love to speak.  Possibly most important, we learned the importance of daily mind training, of programming our thoughts, which is the foundation of Lee’s methods.

We had been told that stuttering is incurable and must be accepted, but Lee and WSSA are proving that this isn’t so.  These methods and WSSA’s program enabled us to beat stuttering.  I hope that you’ll give it a try.

Sue, Coleen and David, Midwest U.S.


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