Parul, Los Angeles

Where do I start?  I began stuttering when I was 6 years old while interacting with a guy in my neighborhood and after that stuttering never stopped.  My name is Parul; I’m a female, around 30; I live in Los Angeles, am married and work in health management. Hindi is my first language.

 I stuttered around 30% of my words under pressure.  I remember in school and college, I use to think I knew the answer to the question but couldn’t’ raise my hand.  Fear of stuttering never allowed me to become the alpha that I instinctively wanted to be. (Lol). I became more and more timid and hidden. I grew tired of all this. I didn’t know there was someone who is helping people selflessly to gain their confidence and bring their speaking gears back up on normal tracks. 

After doing thorough research for months to find help, the day came when I found Mr. Lee Lovett and his book. Imagine how I felt, a sense of relief…. 

After gaining some confidence that “Yes I can break this habit”, I emailed Lee.  He told me what to do before Skyping. I had already felt considerable improvement from reading Lee’s book.  Then, I saw you tube videos of Coach Lee and read his book (out loud and sometimes in the mirror). His book and the way he teaches resonated with me. We started Skyping in January 2020. In our first Skype he taught me many ways of tackling stuttering (crutches) and made me evaluate myself and the cause of stuttering. My problem was panic attacks which I wasn’t able to handle. I kept on forcing the words when they didn’t want to come out. Coach Lee showed me how to handle these panic attacks by using crutches such as 11. I started improving every single day. 

I know the girl I was in January 2020, I am not that girl anymore. I haven’t appeared to have speech disability in over two months now, and I am still improving every single day by using crutch 11 and doing mediation for 15-20 minutes every single day. Panic attacks still come but I refuse to force the words out. Now I handle them smartly.  I stop talking, take a break and start again using a crutch. Sometimes, I use crutch 2 or 6 and most of the time crutch 11. 

So the mantra which worked out for me was crutches and daily mediation. I am still working on shutting down fear, but I know for sure I will succeed.

My advice to all is that you don’t need to keep stuttering.  Lee’s methods work. Just read all the Success Stories on SAA and the reviews of Lee’s book.  As Lee says if you can say one word anywhere, anytime you can say any word anywhere anytime.  

Parul, Los Angeles, February 2020 


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