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My name is Nico.  I’m 35 and I live in Milan, Italy.  I have an MBA in Finance and work in the government.  I began stuttering at age 13. It was humiliating in school but it seemed to get better until I was 19, when it got much worse.  I took a number of therapy programs, very well known ones. They seemed to help somewhat for a while, but when I felt pressured I still stuttered on around 35% of my words.

I had an opportunity to improve my career a great deal, IF I could pass an oral exam.  It was a much better job and likely one that would last for the rest of my working days.  I knew the material extremely well, but I was certain that I would feel so much pressure that I would stutter and I would fail the exam.  This had happened to me before.

As panic set-in, I began searching the Internet for solutions, and I got lucky.  I found Lee’s book. I devoured the Kindle version and the paperback at the speed of light, half of it in one day!  It was fantastic, and it helped me more than all my prior therapies.  

I also saw Lee’s email address in his book and I emailed him.  I never expected to hear from him, but he replied immediately. At that time, my oral exam was three weeks away, and every day, I was feeling more fear and pressure.  

Meeting Lee was sort of a miracle in my life!  With only three weeks to cram his anti-stuttering methods into my brain, he unbelievably suggested that we Skype twice a week for three weeks.  With every Skype, I felt so much better. 

I started using the Crutches every day and repeating my Auto Suggestions almost 16 hours per day . AS are SO powerful and I think each of us should use them all of our lives for lots of things. They make you feel great and capable of anything. 

Well , on mid December I had my oral exam and I did not have a single block. I passed it with the highest score, and I got the job!   Additionally, I feel in command of my stuttering now. I know so many ways to avoid stuttering. I will keep on Lee’s program until every last fear dies, and I plan to keep doing AS forever.

I am so grateful to Lee and so happy to have met him in my life path. He is such a great man and he feels like a loving Uncle to me. I am so happy to post on this well and I hope my story can be of inspiration to others . THANK YOU LIFE,  THANK YOU COACH LEE. 

With Endless Admiration ,

Nico, Milan, Italy, January 2020

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