Monzur, Bangladesh

My name is Monzur.  I’m 51 and I live in Bangladesh.  I have a Masters in Engineering Management.  I’m married and the father of three.  This is my story. 

Let me begin with my conclusion:  After stuttering all my life, I have stopped it.  I have never been happier in my life!!!

I believe I was born with huge potential.  Most of it remained untapped because of stuttering.  I began stuttering around age five, and my stuttering was medium to severe depending on the situation.  IN addition to repeats and blocks, I used my tongue to spit out my words.  This looked and sounded unnatural and made me look unnatural.  I had comprehensive therapies from others, and I took multiple meditation courses, but I kept on stuttering.  I kept looking for solutions.  One day, I found Lee Lovett’s book on Amazon.  The reviews of it were compelling.  So I read it.  I couldn’t believe that book.  It spelled out methods in great detail that started helping as I read the book.  

In his book, he gives his email address and invites readers to email him for help.  So, I emailed him, but I didn’t expect a reply, but he replied right away, and we began Skyping in April 2019.  He coached me many times and did it for free.

Lee mentioned that World Stop Stuttering Association (WSSA) had created a massive program around Lee’s methods, including video lessons by Lee, 1,000 plus coaching videos by Lee and other ex-stutterers who beat stuttering using Lee’s methods plus blogs, forums, a speech club, weekly email updates, etc.  I joined WSSA, which is very inexpensive compared to speech therapy programs.

I followed the program.  I read aloud every day all that I could.  I did auto suggestion treatments daily, and I used the crutches, especially extreme pronunciation and speaking slowly.  The hardest part was teaching myself to STOP talking right before I was about to use my tongue to flip or force the words out.  It was not easy to do this, and I still have to be on guard to avoid doing it.  If you want to hear me talk, go here:

Right now, I am teaching myself to love to speak in all situations.  Lee wrote another book on this (Speech Anxiety to Public Speaking), which is available only from WSSA.  There are also video lessons on that subject on WSSA.  In addition, I attend WSSA’s speech club (SAM) most weeks, where I can talk or not, ask questions and learn from others who have stopped stuttering or are close to doing so.  SAM is tailored to the issues that stutterers have.  It’s the only speech club in the world that does this.

At this point, I have not appeared speech disabled in several months.  This came as the result of the dedicated effort of Coach Lee Lovett and his team in WSSA. Yes, finally the miracle happened!  Thanks to God who made Lee and WSSA available to me. Thanks Lee and his team for their passion and dedication.  My advice to you is get Lee’s book, join WSSA (the world’s only community of EX-stutterers), and you will beat it too.  I’ll end where I began, I have never been happier in my life.  Join the world’s only community of EX-stutterers, WSSA, and you will do it too.

MONZUR, Bangladesh, November 2020 

Now, I can focus on lots of dreams, lots of works- that includes helping the stuttering community in Bangladesh. ‘ 


Monzur Sadeque 


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