Mohammed, Doha, Quatar

Imagine beating stuttering by reading a book and studying a website.  Well that’s what I did.  My name is Mohammed, I am 25 and am from Doha, Qatar. Basically, I beat stuttering without any personal therapy or coaching by studying WSSA’s website and Lee Lovett’s book, “How to Stop Stuttering” to stop my stuttering.  It seemed like a miracle, but that’s what happened.

I started to stutter at a very young age and stuttered around 60 % of my words and I clearly remember my School days where I could not even say a single word and I literally had to move my hands and limbs to force the word out. That’s when I realised that I actually had a stuttering problem and that I needed help.

In 2022, I was seeking help from a Speech Therapist, but he only spoke about the science behind stuttering and did not give any concrete solution, hence it failed. Then, I started searching for stuttering programs around the world and finally discovered WSSA online and I was surprised by the low subscription fee as well so, I immediately joined WSSA. And, after joining WSSA, everything started making sense, Coach Lee has really elaborated on the neuroscience method and how the positive affirmations create a new neural pathway in my brains to speak fluently. The book ‘’How to stop stuttering and love speaking’’ has immensely improved my speech.  I started to focus on the message while speaking instead of planning words and it simply worked.

The program focuses on a wholistic approach: 1. Reading aloud at least for one hour per day 2. Daily mind training 2x every day 3. Using the crutches. The most important thing is to do all the 3 punches together to see significant improvement in fluency. Reading aloud helps in hearing fluency and not hearing dysfluency, thereby creating positive fluency memory in our memory bank. Mind training helps us to grow positive thoughts and crutches helps us to covert a stutter into a fluency memory.

The best news is that I haven’t even completed WSSA’s great program yet.  Stopping appearing speech disabled is just the beginning.  I want to stop all the fears and really love to speak everywhere.  So, I’m still a work in progress and majority of my learning is from Coach Lee’s book and of course WSSA is helping me to discover and support my fluency.

Before joining WSSA I would force words and have facial contortions and have always felt scared to speak but once I started to apply the neuroscience methods, immediately I felt calmer and relaxed while speaking. I was more relaxed when I started using the crutches and speech plans, speaking was never easy like this. Now, I’m so confident in my speech and I’m so motivated to stay in this program and try to achieve all the bases of the program.

If you are suffering from Speech anxiety and stuttering issue, don’t worry it can be stopped just by changing the habit and with these methods you can do it. WSSA is offering a lot of resources related to stuttering and speech anxiety at a very inexpensive price, so I hope everyone uses it to their advantage and benefit from it. Thank you, Coach Lee, and WSSA for its incredible program and support community once again.

Mohammed, Doha, Qatar, March 2025

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