Matthew, Age 13, Los Angeles

My name is Heather, and I write this about my son, Matthew.  Matthew began stuttering at age 3, and he is now 13.  It has been a very nagging and painful problem for him, particularly saying first words and repeating words and being silent for a very long time, and he was very anxious to stop stuttering.  As a mother, needless to say, I tried all kinds of methods to make Matthew’s problem stop.  It includes speech therapy in school, or private classes. I even tried Chinese Medicine. But nothing seemed to work until we found Lee in July 2018. We found Lee on neurosematicsofstuttering yahoo group. Someone recommended him in one of the emails.  I immediately bought the book from Amazon and Matthew studied Lee’s book, which was an immediate help.   I then contacted Lee and arranged for Skype coaching last July.

Matthew is a good student and a hard worker, and he diligently applied Lee’s methods.  He read aloud an hour or more daily; he did two 20-minute autosuggestion treatments daily, and he used the Crutches constantly.  There was steady improvement.  We could see it week by week.  Lee and I thought that Matthew had beaten by early September, but Matthew wanted to test in school, in classroom presentations and answering school questions and talking a lot more.  He loves to talk J.  We’re in the third month of school and Matthew has yet to have a speech problem there or anywhere as best we can tell and as he reports, and as Lee confirms from his weekly Skypes which continue to this day.  After a half dozen Skypes, Matthew’s stuttering basically stopped.  It made such a difference in every perspective of Matthew’s life.  He became more and more confident in class AND/or out of class.

It’s mid-November now, and it has been approximately three months since Matthew had an incident that he feels appeared to be a speech problem, and we don’t hear them at home and Lee doesn’t either.  Matthew has learned how to use the Crutches extremely wellWe have seen incredible, fantastic improvement in his speech, and Matthew told Lee today in his Skype today, “I have no negative thoughts about my speech now, and I feel no tension when speaking.”  We simply couldn’t be more pleased!  You can hear and see Matthew speak here:

On behalf of Matthew and our entire family, we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU in all possible ways.  Not only did Matthew solve his speech problem, but Lee was also very kind and gentle in the way that he worked with Matthew. (Lee’s skill with children come from years as a father to 4 boys and as a grandfather to 13.)  It is really hard to find anyone who is willing to donate his own time to help people as sincere as he is these days, much less for free.  Lee is a genie.  We heard so many times from different speech therapist and different resources on the Internet that stuttering is not conquerable!  I still vividly remember how miserable I felt as a mother when I read those articles on the web.

My family is so grateful that God made Lee available for us! If you have a child who stutters, you can’t possibly find a better solution than Lee and his wonderful book.  It is a life saving experience. Matthew joins me in extending our profound thanks and urging all to join Lee and SAA in their notable, charitable War against Stuttering.  They are doing God’s work.

Heather (and Matthew), Los Angeles, December 2018

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