Katherine, Los Angeles

 I began stuttering when very young and, when pressured, I stuttered on 40% of my words.  I am Katherine.  I live in Los Angeles, and I’m 36.  Mandarin is my first language.  I’m married, and I work in the banking industry.   Lately, my stuttering has bothered me increasingly.  I found Lee’s book on Amazon, and I loved it.  It improved my stuttering by about 60%, while I was reading it, but then I stopped using the methods and relapsed.  I emailed Lee and began Skyping with him, and, after four Skypes, I stopped stuttering, and I feel like I can avoid stuttering now.  I still have fears of stuttering, which Lee says will die eventually.  Anyway, his book and methods and Skype coaching have enabled me to stop stuttering.  I don’t read aloud anymore, but I still do daily auto suggestion treatments and use the methods when needed (mostly word linkage, modulation and rephrasing thoughts).  I can’t recommend his book and coaching enough.  If you read the Success Stories on SAA, you’ll see lots of proof that these methods work.  You don’t need to stutter anymore.  You can beat it.

Katherine, Los Angeles, December 2018

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